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Realizing the True Nature of “I”- How to Awaken and Transcend Suffering in Today’s World

March 3, 10, and 17, 2024

10 am until 1 pm Mountain

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When we look closer at the experience of “I” we realize that the “I” thought comes with many related thoughts and with a sensory experience that we accept as true.

We don’t question or investigate our reliance on the sense of “I” as it seems to be permanent, habitual, and very common.

Living in the World can reinforce our identification with the sense of “I” and especially in times of uncertainty and challenge that are so often common in life and especially in Today’s World.

What we don’t realize is that it is the very identification with the sense of “I” that is the cause of us experiencing Separation and Suffering.

The True Nature of “I” is Emptiness and Love that lie beyond this identification.

Once we can truly “see” and realize the true nature of “I”, we can move beyond this in our  moment-by-moment experience.

We can also learn to realize the reality or honesty of our experience. This, in turn, brings us closer to living and expressing our True Nature in all our actions, personal interactions, and in the World.

Nervous System triggers and the lack of our Nervous Systems capacity to Be Here often prevents us from successful Inquiry. We can deepen our understanding and experience of the Nervous System and grow our ability to recognize and address triggers that inevitably arise here.

In this 3-week intensive we will be looking at addressing triggers and growing capacity in the Nervous System to Be Here and at all the manifestation of “I” that can lead us to believe that the “I” is solid and real and we will investigate the “I”’s True Nature directly.

I am very much looking forward to our time together. 

With Love, Neelam

Areas of Interest**:

  • -What is “I”?
  • -Inquiry into the nature of “I”
  • -The habit of identification
  • -Nervous System, Brain & triggers
  • -“How to” identify and sit with triggers
  • -True needs versus Ego needs
  • -Honesty of our moment-by-moment experience
  • -Going beyond the “I”
  • -“My Will” versus “Thy Will” or “Universal will”
  • -How to keep investigating the nature of “I” moment-by-moment
  • -Habits that strengthen our identification
  • -Habits that lessen our identification
  • -Inquiry and “who am I Inquiry”

**Topics that Neelam may address in this program. Topics are dependent on the flow of the program and interest from the students.

Homework 1 page max send confidentially to info@neelam.org

  1. What is your experience of “I” and are you aware how the identification with “I” causes Suffering?
  2. What situations/ events are most likely to trigger your Nervous System and how do you address that?

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