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“Don’t build in the transit lounge” Papaji used to say,
“we are all just passing through to our final destination.… ” 

This means don’t look for Permanence in the passing events of this life🌹❤

Our focus on this life and on what we experience moment-by-moment can take away from the real and true vision.

The current events of our lives cannot give us the sense of permanence or stability and grounding that we are looking for.

Even though there is the relative importance (and very real in its own way 🙂) of our moment-by-moment experience and our ability to Be Here, Freedom is Our Final Destination!❤

This is true moment-by-moment in this life and beyond…this is also true before and after Awakening.

We also want to see, understand and remove the impediment of “seeker” and “search”.

For many on the spiritual path unconsciously “seeking” and “search” become the focus and the effort that takes attention away from the Direct Experience of Presence.

This is true for many on the spiritual path which often results in the inability to sustain the effort of “seeking” and results in disappointment and dissatisfaction.

That is even true at times for those of us who know Presence Directly and even after Awakening.

Join me in this upcoming program where we can reaffirm and experience together that Freedom is our Final Destination!

I want to invite you to bring a variety of questions and some topics for sharing and for us to enjoy this opportunity to connect even more. 

With Love,


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