After decades on the Path my practice has changed dramatically since I began working with Neelam these last few months. Neelam is a breath of deep fresh air to my heart and soul and is helping me to more deeply-fully be Present and open to the moment.. right now… and to personally experience the deep peace and freedom that comes from not living a life based on whatever story my mind happens to be playing.

Instead of wondering “why” things are happening to me and judging, I now instead turn my attention to the deep opportunity available within each moment to be free and experience long awaited peace.

Words can not express the fundamental shift that is occurring within my mind since working with her. I am very grateful and excited about what I learn each time I have the opportunity to attend a teaching with Neelam.

Thank you Neelam! I feel very blessed to be more deeply opening into Presence!!

~ Jennifer (CT, USA)

I have known Neelam since June.

I have now spent 2 programs with her, October will be the third.

While listening with Neelam I feel her voice and words, her Presence, as a loving vibration in and through me. A direct and visceral experience that offers my own ability to be deeply Present.

That she is the Truth that awakens the same in me, I Trust her Wisdom and guidance; the same Wisdom that she awakens in me.

I have realized through Neelam’s teachings that Awareness of Self is unending; a continuous unfolding. I now understand the layers of the ‘idea’ of ‘becoming’ that was within me, and have been able to relinquished all searching/waiting. This has recently awakened in me an ‘excitement’ and openness to live and accept this life in every moment. I feel alive!

Her Presence is so powerful that I sense Neelam when she is not with me, I sense her Presence when I’m alone, her Presence that supports me to explore deeper of my Self, to Trust without fear, to more fully Surrender in Truth.

With all my heart, 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Neelam.

~ MM

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