Fire Within eLearning Modules
Experience Awakening & Freedom with Neelam


We welcome you to Fire Within eLearning Courses! Here you will find different online courses developed by Neelam in response to and as a support to your Desire for Truth.

It is our hope that by watching and engaging with these courses you will come to a deeper experience of your True Nature, igniting within you an even greater desire to discover who you really are! We hope they will also inspire you to attend live remote programs with Neelam.  

As you learn, please enjoy the beautiful photographs taken by Neelam, and be sure to check back often because we are in the process of creating many additional courses! 

We welcome your feedback on these videos and hope you truly benefit from them!

With support and love, 

Neelam, the entire FOTS organization, and all our generous donors who make this possible

Benefits from these eCourses:

  • Experience Presence Directly
  • Understand and experience the difference between Mind and Presence
  • Understand and experience what is Spiritual Awakening
  • Experience more peace in your Mind and Body
  • Learn skills to sit with and ease your nervous system in Guided Meditation
  • Learn how to Rest in Presence in Guided Meditation

What People Say About Working With Neelam: 

  • “Neelam is a kind, helpful, spiritually awake teacher; I have spoken to friends about her kindness, patience, support, and presence.” 

  • “Neelam deals with people’s debilitating stories with tenderness and also with a focused directness”

  • “Neelam will sit with you lovingly to help you to know the Truth.”
  • “I have realized through Neelam’s teachings that Awareness of Self is unending; a continuous unfolding. I now have been able to relinquish all searching/waiting. This has awakened in me an ‘excitement’ and openness to live and accept this life in every moment. I feel alive!” — MM

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