February 20 Returning Students* Day Long Program

Decide for Freedom Now!

and the Impermanent Nature of our moment-by-moment Experience

Sunday, February 20, 2022

10am to 2pm Mountain Standard Time

(4-hour Satsang for Returning Students)

*Returning Students are students who have completed a 6-month program; have completed four 3-week programs; or who are invited personally by Neelam. Any questions, ask info@neelam.org

Areas of Interest:

  • The Impermanence of our moment by moment experience
  • Projection of the mind and how objects appear in our experience 
  • What is Decision for Freedom? and its implications for our practice and life
  • How to sharpen our Discrimination
  • The difference between mind and Presence 
  • What is “I” & how the “I” arises in Presence 
  • Is anybody doing it? The true reality of our moment by moment experience
  • Devotion to Truth & Presence
  • Quiet mind
  • Bliss of our True Nature — The mind merging in The Heart & Surrender
  • ‘Who am I?’ Ramana’s Self-Inquiry

Every morning the mind, the sense of I, arises from deep sleep and our attention moves with that, reconstituting the belief that we are a separate object.

With the arising of the mind, the world arises as well and with it our experience of what we call the waking state. 

This waking state, like the dream state that we experience at night, is a projection of our mind and yet out of habit we strongly believe it’s reality and permanence.

How can we, without rejecting the sense of I and the world, continue coming to the recognition of our true nature and see through the illusion of permanence of our moment by moment experience?

How can we strengthen our reliance on Presence and so our true Experience of Impermanence moment by moment?

Papaji spoke about the decision for Freedom 🙂 and today I  want to invite you to explore this more deeply— both through understanding and through your very own direct experience of that.

We can decide for Freedom Now!, no matter what the circumstances are 🙂, at any moment  — and Permanently, so that all of our life is devoted to the realization of and abidance in our true Nature.

Homework — 1 page Maximum. Submit Confidentially to info@neelam.org.

  1. What was your Experience of Trust early in Life and how did events of your life Affect your Ability to Trust?

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