August / September 2021 Three-Week Intensive Program

Freedom in the “New Normal”? World — Growing our Capacity for Inquiry and Awakening.

Also in this Program: Uncoupling Survival, Relating and Money

variety of price points available

Week 2: Sunday, September 12 — 10 AM – 1 PM Mountain Time

Week 3: Sunday, September 19 — 10AM – 2 PM Mountain Time

**We will not have a call Sunday, September 5 as Labor Day is Monday, September 6**

Open to Everyone


  • Freedom is our deepest and truest desire — What does it mean in your life to follow your desire for Truth; elements necessary for Awakening and Freedom?
  • Is everything Ok just the way it is? ?  — the “Is it Ok?” Inquiry 
  • Recovering the resiliency of our Nervous Systems: Trauma Past — being the recent events of the pandemic – or the long-ago events in your life – energetically affects our ability to Be Here. How can we recover our capacity to Be Here and a more resilient response?
  • How to identify and address triggers — meditation on “completing the past” is the key for our Nervous Systems capacity to Be Here
  • When “Survival” is the way we Relate
  • Being in the World means being Relational — how our experience of the World and of relating is affected by our past and how it is a reflection of how we are or where are we at on the inner
  • When you are at rest, the World is at rest as well
  • Presence, Survival and Money — uncoupling Money and Survival 


The post pandemic world is here ? — post pandemic that is not really over yet and especially in so many places in the world — and the world continues to undergo a profound transformation.

Many radically opposing beliefs have become even more visible and many of our inner attitudes have changed collectively and individually, especially attitudes towards life, work and towards what matters most, as the world and beliefs continue shifting and changing.

This pandemic remains one of the most transformative events in recent history. 

Where are you at in your life and your inner process at this time in this “new normal” world?

Do you find yourself strengthened or weakened in your commitment to Truth, your engagement in the world and in your inner exploration?

How does this continuing change affect your life, your relationships and your experience of and expression in the world?

I want to invite you to join me in this 3-week intensive to explore these themes, to strengthen our commitment to and our desire for Truth and to grow our capacity for Inquiry, Awakening and Freedom.


One page maximum, email confidentially to

  1. Describe how your desire for Freedom manifests now.
  2. How do you experience relating, work, and the world in general and what in it causes a challenge for you right now?

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