The mind has its own image of what is supposed to be, which has nothing to do with the way things are really.
Presence is already here. The reason it does not seem to be available all the time is because our attention does not rest here. The practice is coming here, to know your true nature over and over again. Develop a better habit, training our attention to be here. Break through this misunderstanding, this belief that there are times Presence is not here.


Then you will have moment to moment, the weight of your very own direct experience, rather than believing it or speaking about it, ‘well it’s not here’. Well, instead of doing that you can actually check on that in the moment.

If you can keep checking on that, that’s what breaks the illusion, that’s what breaks the veil that what we tend to believe who we are is not available.

When the past arises, our attention moves with that. Our attention moves away from freedom, from who we really are. And over and over again, it seems like we are not really able to rest here.
Commitment to freedom means being with conditioning from the past. Discriminate habits from the past. This needs your attention.
We have all experienced Presence. Moments of stillness, quietude, love, or expansion. And yet in our day to day life, we often struggle to find the ground, the ground of our true nature, especially when past is present, when our conditioning is here, our habits of not resting here.


Our ability to live the life of freedom, the life that is grounded in and guided by the truth of who we really are requires us to address the unresolved past.

In any kind of relating we have a certain expectation, a certain need, idea, projection, a certain perception, a certain want, that has nothing to do with reality or with the other.
How you are with everybody you meet, is the sharing of how you are with what is, and therefore how you are with yourself and others, rather than sharing what you know or what you do.
The mind pulls us to follow patterns of avoiding the painful areas of our past. You have to be present with pain to see the old patterns. When we go within we penetrate the old habits and old beliefs.

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