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When scheduling a session, please notice how you can Choose a Date and Time using YOUR time zone before selecting the session time itself. If you are out of the United States, please email us with any questions at all and to confirm your time if needed.

New or Returning to Private Sessions with Neelam?

If you are new or haven’t spoken with Neelam in the last year or two, please fill out our confidential Private Session Questionnaire form.


  • Sliding Scale – $250-$125 / Hour**
  • Neelam offers programs on a sliding scale so that everybody – and the varying financial situations – are supported and included. $150 is most reflective of the true cost of a session with Neelam. We really appreciate your continuing support and participation.
  • Held every Wednesday at: 11:30am, 12:45pm, 3:30pm, 4:45pm and 6 pm Mountain Time. Other days and times are available on a limited basis, contact the office to inquire.
  • Held via Zoom [Audio Only] from Santa Fe, New Mexico area.
  • The session (if you wish) can be recorded and sent to you to listen to at anytime.

Important Cancellation Policy

For cancellations and rescheduling, we require at least a 72-hour (3 days) notice or you will be charged for the missed appointment. We realize and understand that sometimes cancellations of sessions happen. The office hours for us are limited during the week therefore, we don’t always see your email requests in a timely matter. 

About Private Sessions

Along with group Satsangs, another profound and deepening way to connect with Neelam is to meet her in one-on-one private sessions. So often, addressing the obstacles to our practice, and the way the arising past shows up in our physiology needs clarity and support and can be addressed in this more intimate format.

Neelam really enjoys the time she spends in the company of others, and in particular in a one-on-one format. This one-on-one time gives the opportunity to address more clearly any questions that you may have and dive more deeply into what arises.

Discussing your questions and current situation with someone who holds the gift of Presence has a profound and almost magical way of dissolving what may have appeared to be a big challenge. Clarity and peace comes when the past arises in the presence of one who is present and loving. 

During a private session, Neelam also addresses the Nervous System and gently guides you through your current experience into a deeper presence for yourself. 

If you would like to experience this unique opportunity to sit with an awakened teacher and more importantly, if you could use extra assistance in addressing your spiritual questions, the obstacles to your practice, or getting through a challenging situation, we encourage you to schedule a private session

Session Testimonials

“What an amazing experience to sit with Neelam one on one in a private session.  The transmission that comes through in a class seems to increase exponentially when sitting alone with Neelam.  I have connected deeply within myself while being in the grace of Neelam’s Presence. I find the private sessions to be so grounding and yet so deep into what needs to transform in me.  I highly recommend this opportunity for anyone wanting to speed up their process of awakening.” ~RD

“I wouldn’t know where to begin putting into words the support I’ve received from private sessions with Neelam over the years. All I can say is I’m beyond grateful to know Neelam and have the opportunity to work with her in such a focused and direct way. Every question, every misunderstanding and doubt and every fear or difficulty I’ve ever raised with Neelam has been met with such respect and the most subtle of listening and skill. This, in an atmosphere of love carrying the gentle yet confident encouragement and safety needed to surrender it all to the deeper mystery and power that lies at the Heart of existence.

If you experientially explore with all of the sincerity of your heart what Neelam is pointing to and how she is pointing to it, you will awaken to what you’ve been looking for. Whatever happens after that is a different journey and there is no one I know more capable than Neelam to help you integrate that transformation as a balanced, resilient, deeply loving, empowered human being fully alive and engaged with life. She will walk with you buoyantly and as deeply as you’re compelled to go in this new territory where the finite and the infinite are informing one another freely in the nexus of the human Heart. Surrender and curiosity become the spontaneous exhale and inhale of a life that is always revealing more and more and more in an endless discovery. How can you express gratitude for a friend that opens such doors, turns on the lights and walk with you, guarding your sovereignty with every step?” ~Kevin

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