Private Sessions

Along with group Satsangs, another profound and deepening way to connect with Neelam is to meet her in one-on-one private sessions. So often, addressing the obstacles to our practice, and the way the arising past shows up in our physiology needs clarity and support and can be addressed in this more intimate format.

Neelam really enjoys the time she spends in the company of others, and in particular in a one-on-one format. It gives the opportunity to address more clearly the questions that you may have and dive more deeply into what arises.

Discussing your questions and current situation with someone who holds the gift of Presence has a profound and almost magical way of dissolving what may have appeared to be a big challenge. A great clarity and peace comes when the past arises in the presence of one who is present and loving. 

During a private session, Neelam also addresses the nervous system and gently guides you through your current experience into a deeper presence for yourself. 

If you would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity to sit with an awakened teacher and especially, if you could use extra assistance in addressing your spiritual questions, the obstacles to your practice, or getting through a challenging situation, we encourage you to sign up for a private session. 


  • Are sliding Scale
  • Last one hour.
  • Are held every Wednesday around: 12:45pm, 2:00pm, 3:15pm & 4:30pm Mountain
  • Take place over the phone or internet (audio), or in person in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Recorded and sent to you to listen to anytime.


“What an amazing experience to sit with Neelam one on one in a private session.  The transmission that comes through in a class seems to increase exponentially when sitting alone with Neelam.  I have connected deeply within myself while being in the grace of Neelam’s Presence. I find the private sessions to be so grounding and yet so deep into what needs to transform in me.  I highly recommend this opportunity for anyone wanting to speed up their process of awakening.” ~RD

For more info and to sign up for a session, send an email to:
info @

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