July 2023 Two-Week Program

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A special series of programs focused on addressing

our most familiar patterns.

Patterns that we mistake for who we are!

New Students! Join us for Both Weeks for Only $78

We’d Love to Have You Join Us.

Week 1: Sunday, July 23, 2023 | Week 2: Sunday, July 30, 2023

(10 a – 1 p Mountain Time)

As our Love for Truth and our Desire for Awakening and Freedom keeps growing I want to invite you into a new and deepening focus for our programs this Summer and Fall.

This series of programs will focus on addressing you more individually as we grow in our desire for Truth and Awakening and in our reliance on Presence.

In particular, I would like to bring awareness to and make more visible the tendencies that we believe are “us”, and highlight and explore the true and believed “reasons” behind our reliance on those tendencies/ patterns rather than on Presence.

This brings us both into a deeper reliance on Presence and significantly strengthens our Discrimination. It would also show us the elements necessary for Awakening that need strengthening in your experience!

Areas of Interest for this Series of Programs:*

  • Presence & Awakening
  • Love of Truth & what is Freedom
  • Where YOU are with regards to your Trust of Truth and your Embodiment of Truth (two key elements necessary for Awakening)
  • What stops YOU from Trust
  • What stops YOU from Awakening
  • What areas of YOUR experience/practice need more care and attention right now
  • Tendencies that are “near and dear” to us that we mistake for Truth or for our True Nature
  • What fuels the “reasons” that stop you from Awakening and from following what you know is True
  • Movement from Presence versus movement from the Past

*Topics that Neelam may address in this program. Topics are dependent on the flow of the program and interest from the students.


Please answer these questions before the program starts (1 page maximum) and send confidentially to info@neelam.org 

1. What would it mean for you to Awaken?

2. When challenges arise, what are your favorite judgments/ stories that you go into? Describe your top 1-2 judgments /stories.

3. How do you think / describe yourself as a person:  “I am … (good, helpful, difficult, positive, etc.) You can use more than one adjective and please include the positive and negative as well.

About Pricing:
We have a variety of Price Points based on a Sliding Scale. Please contact the office if you have any financial considerations. We would love to have you join the program and are open to many financial arrangements.

Three-Week Program Sliding Scale: $285-$125
Special First Time Student Rate for 3 Week Program: Free for Week 1 and $85 for Weeks 2 and 3.

Two-Week Program Sliding Scale: $285-$125
Special First Time Student Rate for Two Week Program: $78

Benefits of Programs:

  • Developing a stronger reliance on Presence
  • Breaking the illusion of Separation 
  • Ability to recognize the difference between past and Present 
  • Learning practical information about the nervous system and brain and how to grow the Capacity of the Nervous System to Be Here
  • Understanding what Embodiment is and learning how to embody challenging and expanded states like fear anger and love
  • Learning practical information about being in the world and being relational

 Students sitting with Neelam often experience:

  • A greater capacity in the nervous system to be here and experience the arising past (less fight-or-flight, or overwhelm-collapse)
  • Improved ability to notice tendencies shaped by past experiences and break free from habitual, self-defeating patterns
  • Awakening (i.e. permanent shift to knowing oneself as Presence)
  • Increased ability to navigate life’s ups and downs, feel more at peace and enjoy life more

Students receive support through:

  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Detailed notes of all sessions
  • Reminder emails
  • Contact for questions and support via email, with replies directly from Neelam

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