New Video, Recorded Friday, July 5, 2024

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Can we approach politics and the world from a place of Being Here?

What arises in the world and in our lives is not in our control❤. The responses that arise within us in the face of challenging events and situations are not in our control, even though we believe that they are.

What Happens When challenging events and situations happen, this very quickly sends our Nervous Systems into flight, fight, freeze. Then into overwhelm and collapse. This can be a paralyzing feeling — an experience of overwhelm. When the Nervous System is in the Freeze state it is hard to notice. Freeze is meant to contract and protect US from experiencing what is happening. It hides and instead we pay attention to thoughts, feelings and emotions. When our bodies cannot physically and practically respond to challenges we experience Powerlessness, Hopelessness, Helplessness.

What is Helpful When this freeze state happens, what is helpful is to look at what arises within — noticing the sensations that are present in our body. This is what I mean by the Missing Link: what we really want in the moment is to Be Here and we need a way to translate it into an actual action — noticing sensations — that help us Be Here. This is the Best way to communicate with your NS and to come Here and to recover “the Moment”.

There is a softening, an opening, a slowing down and we become more present which is what we really want — to be Here.

I will be speaking More in detail and practically about this in the upcoming 3-week program. Nervous System, Tenderness and Trust are all keys to our ability to be here and the Missing link between desire to be Here and being able to be in the moment. July Live Virtual Program: The Missing Link to Awakening and to Living in the World: Nervous System, Tenderness and Trust 9a – 12p Pacific Time | 10a – 1p Mountain Time Week 1 Free to New Students!


“Experientially grasping the “Missing Link” has the power to transform your life and bring you to Awakening and Freedom”

July 21, 28 and August 4, 2024 Virtual Live Event

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New video, Recorded Wednesday, April 3 2024

Don’t Believe Anything!❤️ Find Peace & Love Now + practice with Neelam

There are many times when past arises and we believe that we have to Be a certain way, Do certain things, Act in a certain way in order to experience Peace and Love.

In reality and in truth, there is nothing we have to do and nothing we can do for Peace and Love because Love, our true nature, is already here.

The solution is not out there — doing, being acting. The solution is coming back Here and noticing what is already naturally present Here.

Remember this and surrender to this in the moment.

One of the obstacles to surrendering in the moment is when the past arises because often a sense of wrongness arises and this wrongness overpowers our thoughts and causes struggle.

We have to be strong and know it is not possible we did something wrong. Mistakes happen. That is normal and natural.

With kindness, take a moment and be strong in your resolve that it is not possible for anything to be wrong and that you do not have to Be, Do, or Act any particular way to experience Peace and Love.

Learn more in the April 3 Week Program — Don’t Believe Anything for Love! Peace and Love are Already Always Here

Sundays: April 7, 14 and 21, 2024 | 10 am until 1 pm Mountain Standard Time | Variety of price points available.

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Video!  ‘Reasons”and Yes and No -The end of Suffering♥️?

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Video!  ‘Reasons” and Yes and No -The end of Suffering♥️?

“Reasons” and Yes and No – End of Suffering

Clarity arises in the moment. 

Clarity may not be convenient or what we like, or what we think others will like.

But the clarity is here. 

You can start to observe the “reasons” that come up that tell you that you cannot follow the clarity.

Sometimes these reasons are very conscious but sometimes they are on the edge between conscious and subconscious – habits we have learned and formed as part of our survival strategy. 

We can want it to be different (the definition of suffering) or we can learn to accept it. This way we can be guided by what is in the moment and not on what is based on the past. 

If not aware of it, start paying attention to the reasons that arise. Thoughts such as:

It’s not ok

It’s wrong

What are others going to say or think?

We often subscribe to these reasons out of habit. 

Take a moment and remember a very recent situation in which there was a clarity in your experience in the moment and that this is the way things are. 

Will be looking at this more in our programs

You can still register for weeks 2 and 3 ?

Podcast Recording with Neelam and Spiritual Lunacy

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About Spiritual Lunacy

Extracts/ readings from spiritual books from different paths and masters to help bring about a space of contemplation. Conversations with ordinary people who are extraordinary.
Guidance for anyone on the path, and for those who are yet to begin the journey a moment to help unplug from daily life and remember the true nature of the Self.

This podcast is approximately 1 hour and Nandita asks some wonderful questions so you can get to know Neelam more.

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