Live Worldwide Tele-satang Jan. 20

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Live Worldwide Tele-satang

Sunday | January 20th | 10am-1pm MT

“Growing the Capacity of the Nervous System for Awakening Embodiment & Freedom”


The capacity of the nervous system to Be Here is an essential element for Awakening, Embodiment, and for Freedom.


In our search for Truth the workings of the nervous system often remain hidden and we don’t always fully understand or know experientially what capacity is and what Being Here really means or is.


When unmet, inexperienced tendencies of the Past arise – and we so often believe it or identify ourselves with that – that shows up as thoughts and as feelings, emotions and sensations and it affects and manifests in our physiology.


If there is no awareness of that and no capacity to Be Here our nervous system reacts and moves into fight | flight | freeze or overwhelm and we end up re-enacting or suppressing and so perpetuating the Past.


The capacity of our nervous system to Be Here and experience the arising past is often the missing link between our desire for Truth and Freedom and our ability to independently experience Presence and Self-Inquiry, which is what takes us directly into Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.


Neelam is a direct disciple of HWL Poonja (affectionately known as Papaji), whose own teacher was Ramana Maharishi. Neelam’s unequivocal commitment to Truth helps us turn inward and release underlying patterns of conditioning which block the recognition of our True Nature. With the utmost tenderness, she invites us into the same recognition of Truth that her teacher, Papaji, transmitted to her, while helping us to address all aspects of daily living, including past conditioning and trauma.


“Awakening is a shift from identifying yourself as this body to knowing yourself as Presence. Freedom means a true independence from the past, where our ability to Be Here and the action in the moment are not guided by our attachment to the arising past. To truly be Free we need to embody our recognition of Presence, and that requires growing of the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here. It is in the meeting of what arises that we find true and lasting freedom.”



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Freedom in Every Moment – New Years Intensive

Tuesday | January 1st | 10am-2pm MT

“The True Meaning of Surrender and the Role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom”


The Desire for Truth, that brings us into this life together with the tendencies of the past, is a movement of our True Nature that calls us into a deeper Surrender.

Following that inner movement and understanding what the true meaning of it is is what actually brings us into a fuller experience of Presence and into Awakening and Freedom.

The key to reaching our goal and to successfully practice Inquiry is understanding and learning the skills of how to help our Nervous System to Be Here.

Please join Neelam in this 4 hour experiential New Years Intensive Tele Satsang to celebrate the New Year together and to deepen our commitment to and Love of Presence.

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Worldwide Thematic Tele-satsang


Sunday | December 9th | 10am-1pm MT


Freedom in Every Moment : “Direct experience of Presence and how to support a sensitive Nervous System in Inquiry”

The Direct Experience of Presence and the process of Inquiry are the two most important elements of our teachings.

We need to Directly Experience Presence so that the mind can stop its search and we also need the Inquiry process so that we have the ability to address the arising past.

Many of us come into this life already with the imprint for a sensitive nervous system and, as we go along many of us also experience trauma and other events that affect the ability of the nervous system to Be Present .

Coming to Presence through Direct Experience and through Inquiry we need to also uncover and re-acquaint ourselves with Tenderness and learn the skill of how to support a sensitive nervous system in its ability to Be Here and be Present to the arising past.

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