Winter Fundraising Drive 2018-2019

Dear Satsanga,

I’m writing to you today to ask for your generous end of year gift to FOTS.

We are facing a unique challenge this fall. With a temporary worsening of my health I’m so far not able to teach the longer programs, which are our main source of income for the year. Your gift, by the end of this year – a gift that is deeply appreciated and sustaining – is going to assure that we can continue our mission.

Would you consider giving a one time donation of $100.00 or more or a monthly donation of $30.00 or more or an other amount to help us meet our financial goals at this time? Your tax deductible contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Our mission, so deeply needed in today’s world “To Awaken Individual Consciousness into the Oneness of Being and to live a life of Freedom” – needs to remain visible.

While I’m taking time to address and work on recovering of my health we continue sharing the teaching through video and audio recordings, private sessions and one time program calls.  Our office, myself and our wonderful volunteers are also working on essential FOTS projects:

  • Branding/Marketing – To effectively present teachings and reach satsang members.
  • Reorganizing Office   We are updating our system for projects to flow more freely.
  • New Website – Creating a more connected, interactive tool for all satsang members to enjoy.
  • Book Project – Thanks to volunteer support, I am compiling a book sharing the teachings.
  • Permanent Home for Neelam – Essential for her teaching and for maintaining and regaining  of her health so there is a steady base from which the programs can thrive.

Your generous gift, that is going to support so many in finding true Peace – and a gift for which I am extremely grateful – can assure that our investment of time and energy in those projects can result in their completion and in the accomplishment of our goal:

As a token of our appreciation we would like to offer you audio recordings:

  • $100 – 2015 4Wk Program Returning Students Topics: Karma/destiny/free will, overcoming obstacles to practice, expanding Inquiry through deep listening, non-violence and how to find Freedom in Relating.
  • $200 – 2014 6Wk Program New Students: Freedom in every moment: Presence, Awakening and the power of Inquiry – Presence, Awakening, Okayness, Suffering and the Inquiry process.
  • $300 – 2014 5Wk Program Returning Students: Relationships & Being in the World – How to find Peace & Inner Freedom AND 2015 4Wk Program Returning Students Topics: Karma/destiny/free will, overcoming obstacles to practice, expanding Inquiry through deep listening, non-violence and how to find Freedom in Relating.

Thank you and may you find Peace and Love that is inherent in our true Nature.

With Love, Neelam

Fire of Truth Satsanga is a non-profit organization supported by your donations. All donations made to the Fire of Truth Satsanga (a 501-c3 non-profit organization) are tax-deductible.

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Thank you for supporting Fire of Truth Satsanga.

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