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The July 3-Week Program Begins Sunday, July 17

“Uncoupling” Money And Survival

“So often in our experience Money has become synonymous with survival.
When Money fears, worries or challenges arise we often lose the deeper sense of Presence and of the inner and direct knowing that the survival of this body is not dependent on anything and that in the core Everything is Ok just the way it is.
Join me on this upcoming 3-week intensive to find out more about how we can experientially “uncouple” Money and Survival and find the true rest in Presence”


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From Neelam….

My Dear Satsanga,

Our vision to transform FOTS remains very strong 😊 and thanks to your generous donations last winter we have moved forward with many deep structural changes here at FOTS. We are all energized by this opportunity, and eternally grateful for and inspired by your support!

Now that we are building the foundation, your continued participation in our vision and your generous tax-deductible donation today will enable us to raise the $20K needed to continue our efforts to transform FOTS into the next phase of this organization’s growth.

Please read more in Jennifer’s letter (on our Fundraiser Page) to see how this is possible.

I am very grateful for your support and for our connection 😊❤️ and I am very much looking forward to facilitating even more of a change — here at FOTS and in today’s World.

With Love and Gratitude,


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Practice Video – How to Be Here

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