Video!  ‘Reasons”and Yes and No -The end of Suffering♥️?

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Video!  ‘Reasons” and Yes and No -The end of Suffering♥️?

“Reasons” and Yes and No – End of Suffering

Clarity arises in the moment. 

Clarity may not be convenient or what we like, or what we think others will like.

But the clarity is here. 

You can start to observe the “reasons” that come up that tell you that you cannot follow the clarity.

Sometimes these reasons are very conscious but sometimes they are on the edge between conscious and subconscious – habits we have learned and formed as part of our survival strategy. 

We can want it to be different (the definition of suffering) or we can learn to accept it. This way we can be guided by what is in the moment and not on what is based on the past. 

If not aware of it, start paying attention to the reasons that arise. Thoughts such as:

It’s not ok

It’s wrong

What are others going to say or think?

We often subscribe to these reasons out of habit. 

Take a moment and remember a very recent situation in which there was a clarity in your experience in the moment and that this is the way things are. 

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