Are you Ready for Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom?

Breaking from the Patterns of the Past:
How our early-life conditioning affects our ability to Be Here to show up for personal (e.g relationships) and collective challenges (e.g. Covid)

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Week 1 | Sunday, October 18 | 10 AM – 2 PM Mountain

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Below are Your Important Call Access Details

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USA & Canada: Dial  (978) 990-5458 and then enter the Access Code:  6069464#

All other Countries:  Check the list of International dial-in numbers for your country at dial the number, then enter the access code: 10182020

Join online (choose audio only):

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Meeting ID for Phone App: 10182020

Connect Via the Internet

1. Install the FreeConferenceCall App (it’s free!) to your smartphone. Once the app has installed itself, click on the app icon on your home screen and then:

    Enter the phone number, Click “Join Online Meeting”, Enter your “Name”
    Select “Internet” if you are using wi-fi or “Phone” if you are using data.

2. Open a web browser on your computer

Option 1:  Go to

    Click “Online Meetings”, Click “Join Meeting”
    Enter Meeting ID from above and click “Submit”.
    Type in your name and email, and click Join Online Meeting.
    Click the phone icon to listen to the call and click headset icon (audio only).
    There will be no video for this call.

Option 2: Join Online Meeting via the link above

    Click the Online Meeting Link above (in details),
    Enter name & email, Click “Join Online Meeting”
    Click the phone icon and choose “Mic & Speakers”
    For mute: Click the Keypad icon & click “Mute” or “Unmute”.

Option 3: Desktop App

    Download the Free Conference Call Desktop App –
    Follow the instructions.

3.  Skype allows you to make calls using data, which may be cheaper. If using Skype on your computer, test your microphone and speakers to make sure you can make audio calls.

Preparing for Satsang

You will receive an email reminder before the Satsang. Find yourself a quiet location with as few distractions as possible. If you are using your computer or Skype, check that it is setup and ready to connect. Let your family (including pets!) know that you cannot be disturbed.

Take time to sit quietly, bringing your attention inwards towards your body. Please dial into the Satsang about 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. This gives you (and everyone) time to say “hello” and get settled before Neelam arrives. If you arrive late, the group may be in silence. If so, there is no need to announce yourself.

Star-Six / Mute Yourself

All Satsang calls are recorded and Fire of Truth Satsanga reserves the right to re-use all or part of these recordings at some future date without further notice, including making them available to a wider audience.

As soon as you are on the call, dial * and then 6 on your keypad to mute yourself (you may also use the mute button on your phone or Skype keypad). Please stay muted unless speaking – it greatly improves the sound quality for everyone.

A day or so after the call every registered participant will receive a free copy of the call recording and some written notes from one of our volunteers via email. You can use these to study the Satsang topic in your own time if you wish.

What if I Can’t Get on the Call?

  • If you can’t get on the call the first time you try, simply hang up and try again.
  • If this doesn’t work, text our Volunteer Host – Maneesh – for assistance: (650) 283-3386 or send an email to:
  • For US & Canada, call at (844) 844-1322, and be sure to have the call details ready for the call center agents – they will be able to connect you.  
  • For other country’s customer service number visit and call the number on the upper right corner of your screen.

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