Are you Ready for Awakening?
Breaking the Patterns of the Past

How early-life conditioning affects our ability to Be Here and show up for Covid, Economy, Politics and Relationships

Weeks 2 and 3

Sunday, October 25 | 10 AM – 1 PM Mountain Time

Sunday, November 1 | 10 AM – 2 PM Mountain Time

When we are Here ?, we not only experience moments of Peace, Freedom, Okayness and Rest but we also have the ability to anchor that state for anyone, and anything else and ultimately for the collective.

“Our” ability to Rest Here is like an open space and invitation that anyone or anything can fall into.

Same happens when we are engaged in patterns and there is so much going on for everybody right now, especially because of the Covid Pandemic.

Engaging in patterns creates more of a pull individually and collectively and we may be finding it even harder at times to commit to Freedom and to Be Here.

Early life and its conditioning, which aligns with some of the deepest tendencies of our past, is often the time when we have developed strong habits and survival strategies — strategies that have been a substitute for our ability to Be Here.

These habits keep us acting, thinking and functioning in ways that sabotage and undermine our ability to Be Here and to fully rest in Presence.

Even with our deepest desire for Truth and even after Awakening, these habits can remain unconsciously active while impeding our ability to fully Be Here and act from Presence rather than from the Past.

Now that the Covid Pandemic so deeply influences our lives, both by slowing us down and shaking up some of our deepest beliefs and fears — those often invisible patterns and our unconscious survival strategies are even more at play — visible and accessible for awareness, investigation and Inquiry.

With this 3-Week Program, let us use this unique opportunity to break out of these habits into Awakening Embodiment and Freedom.


  • Our desire for Truth and Surrender and its importance for Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom
  • How the ways we function in life and the challenges we experience are connected to and are a reflection of the deeper patterns of the past 
  • How long-term restrictions being the uncertainty and stress of the Covid Pandemic affect our ability to Be Here
  • The challenges and opportunity of making a deeper commitment to Freedom now given how the Covid Pandemic and patterns of the Past affect our Nervous System
  • How early-life patterns and survival strategies develop and still function in the unconscious, often exasperated and teased out by crisis and stress, and how they interfere with our ability to find Peace and Be Here
  • The importance of  breaking patterns of the past for Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom
  • Using Awareness, Kindness and Inquiry as a way to break from the patterns of the past 


Please answer these questions before the program starts (1 page maximum)

1.What was your family of origin and early life experience like?

2.What kind of challenges do you experience in your life right now in areas around:

your practice; your ability to Be Present; your career or work; your relationships; around money; personal boundaries, etc. 

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