Free Experiential 6 Month Program Introduction call

Sunday | October 28th | 10:00am-12:30pm MT

“For New & Returning 6 Month Program Students “



6-Month Program Topic: Freedom in Every Moment – Awakening, the true meaning of Surrender and the Role of the Nervous System in Awakening  Inquiry and freedom (Series beings November 18, 2018) Register HERE

*Join Neelam for this free call where she will discuss the focus and content of her upcoming 6-month Tele-Course for returning students and for new students by application.


Why Neelam Has Created This Program?

In this year’s 6-month program, the invitation is to come into a deeper Surrender, Awakening and Freedom. Through recognizing the role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom, we will enliven our Inquiry and Embodiment and grow the capacity of our Nervous System to Be Here.  

The Desire for Truth and Freedom, like Presence itself, is already always Here. It manifests as an ongoing movement into a deeper Surrender. Because of our reliance on the past, we don’t always recognize or Trust that movement, or have the capacity in our Nervous System or strength of Discrimination to truly Be Here.

The tendencies that bring us here, regardless of the depth of our recognition of Presence, often times still remain hidden and functional. A powerful strengthening, as well as deepening of our capacity to Be Here, comes from learning how to fully recognize and meet the sensations of our arising experiences just the way they are in the present. We recognize and then address some of our past tendencies – the unseen and unmet imprints based on our experiences in the past, where we have believed individually and collectively that Truth, Presence and Love are not already Here. The Nervous System, and the skillful means of Inquiry, will be more deeply explored and you will learn how to build the capacity of the Nervous System to Be Here.

This program, in addition to sharing of information, is experiential in its nature and student will have many opportunities to ask questions and to practice and deepen the experience of Neelam’s teachings.


Why Join this Introductory Call?

This Free Introductory Call will provide insight into the benefits of participation in 6-month programs and the focus of this year’s program in particular:

  1. The true meaning of Surrender
  2. The role of the nervous system in Awakening and Freedom
  3. Presence, Awakening & functionality in the world


Why Commit to a 6 Month Program?

Participating in an extended program helps further deepen understanding and ability to integrate these teachings in day-to-day life and move into Awakening and Freedom (true independence from the past). Continued participation in 6-month programs provides consistent support and is the most effective and transformative way a teacher can bring long-lasting benefits to students. Repeated sitting together in longer programs brings benefits, including:

  • Strengthening Inquiry: Commitment to Presence, your resolve and Capacity to Be Here
  • Trust in Resting in Presence: Our True Nature (Peace, Love and lasting Freedom)
  • Awakening: Receiving a deeper understanding and opening the space for Awakening
  • Consistency: Consistency is often missing for students  re: Desire for Truth and Awakening and while trying to integrate Neelam’s teachings into their daily lives
  • Interactive Engagement: The opportunity to ask questions and address past as it arises helps us to identify and address some of the main core tendencies and patterns that stop us from resting here (often not apparent to us when on our own)

Sharpening Skills:

  • How to help the brain process the arising past and enable the nervous system to “Be Here”
  • Deepening Inquiry skills
  • Refining your ability to be Relational (understanding the nexus between Relationships, the Nervous System and Presence)


  • Having the support of Neelam, her teachings and the Sangha (Information, Inquiry, Partner-Inquiry)


  • It takes time and practice to develop new habits of Being Here (from the brain and physiology perspective)

Papaji used to say that when we come to Satsang we are like a glass of water with sediment at the bottom. Satsang stirs up the sediment so that it can be experienced and transcended.

Neelam invites you all to join her in this program: “As Freedom is the true purpose of this life and every moment, including our time together, is an invitation to Freedom (living in a dynamic, alive recognition of Presence and in the true independence from the past).”

For more detailed information on the offerings of this 6-month program visit the program outline HERE

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