2020 Spring Fundraising Letter

May 22, 2020

My Dear Sangha,

I am writing to you today to ask that you please help by contributing to our spring fundraiser. I am grateful that many of you have participated in our recent and past programs and you have experienced first-hand the benefits of this teaching—Peace, Rest, Ease of Being Here in any situation—and how it strengthens our commitment to Truth and Freedom.

We want to make this teaching available to all, especially right now in the face of the current crisis. To accomplish this important work, we need to invest in better social media communications and a new website. Your gift will make a difference in bringing this about.

We are a small non-profit organization founded 25 years ago to support my teaching and devotion to the Awakening of all Beings. We now find ourselves at a crossroads.

We could continue working as we are, which demands a lot of my personal time—time that could be spent more effectively on teaching, developing programs and videos, and working directly with you my students.

Or, as we feel an even stronger call to action now, we could invest in growth and greater reach of this teaching and in making the benefits of it—Peace, Truth, Awakening and Freedom—available to all. That means investing in new infrastructure—better social media engagement, a new interactive website, and a more defined plan to reach new students and better serve all of you.

Although we have requested donations for these special projects before 🙂, we have not yet raised the necessary funds because we must also fundraise for our ongoing operations. But remote communications are now even more  the glue that holds us together as we practice social distancing.

We find ourselves globally and collectively in an unprecedented opportunity for Freedom, in a moment in time when we can strengthen and refocus our commitment to Truth, in a time when many are actively seeking the deeper meaning of life.

Your financial contribution at this time to both our ongoing operations and to our special projects would assure that we as an organization can better fulfill our purpose and serve this growing and so essential need for true Peace, Fulfillment, Love, Awakening and Freedom.

Our immediate spring fundraising goals are:

$10,000 for Ongoing Operations, not very glamorous but so necessary 🙂, including online program support, program recordings, group emails, website updates, correspondence, private sessions support, and more.

$18,000.00 for Special Projects, especially improved social media communications and a redesigned website.  

You are an essential part of our capacity to continue this Work and we deeply appreciate all of your past and current contributions. I hope you will consider giving to both our ongoing operations and these vital special projects.

With Love,

Neelam and FOTS BOD

P.S. We have prepared small tokens of appreciation for your participation if you donate by June 15th, including a song from Neelam and pictures of Ramana, Neelam & Papaji shown below.

For information and details about these gifts, visit our website at: https://neelam.org/donate. 🙂

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