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New video, Recorded Wednesday, April 3 2024

Don’t Believe Anything!❤️ Find Peace & Love Now + practice with Neelam

There are many times when past arises and we believe that we have to Be a certain way, Do certain things, Act in a certain way in order to experience Peace and Love.

In reality and in truth, there is nothing we have to do and nothing we can do for Peace and Love because Love, our true nature, is already here.

The solution is not out there — doing, being acting. The solution is coming back Here and noticing what is already naturally present Here.

Remember this and surrender to this in the moment.

One of the obstacles to surrendering in the moment is when the past arises because often a sense of wrongness arises and this wrongness overpowers our thoughts and causes struggle.

We have to be strong and know it is not possible we did something wrong. Mistakes happen. That is normal and natural.

With kindness, take a moment and be strong in your resolve that it is not possible for anything to be wrong and that you do not have to Be, Do, or Act any particular way to experience Peace and Love.

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Sundays: April 7, 14 and 21, 2024 | 10 am until 1 pm Mountain Standard Time | Variety of price points available.

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