Sunday, June 23rd | 11 am – 1 PM MT
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What Does it Mean to Be Here?

2 Hour Worldwide TeleSatsang Call, Open to Everyone

Followed by a Volunteer Meeting for New, Returning & Interested Volunteers | 1-2 PM MT

(Attending the Volunteer Info Meeting from 1-2 is Optional for Registrants)

This call is open to everyone, and the following volunteer meeting is for all our current, interested and new volunteers – if you would like to become a Neelam FOTS volunteer, please join us! Simply stay on the call after the TeleSatsang
Program registration is free for Volunteers.

The Role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom – What does it mean to Be Here?

This call is an invitation to Presence and a practical exploration of What does it mean to Be Here? and of the role of the nervous system in Awakening and Freedom. The nervous system and its capacity to Be Here is an essential element for Awakening, Embodiment and for Freedom.

When unmet, un-experienced Tendencies of the Past arise – and we so often believe it and identify ourselves with that – it affects and manifests in our physiology and that shows up as thoughts, and as feelings, emotions and sensations.

If there is no awareness of that, and no Capacity to Be Here, our nervous system reacts and moves into fight / flight / freeze or overwhelm, and we end up re-enacting or suppressing and thus perpetuating the Past.

What we really want is to Be Here and our desire for that – even though not always congruent with the desire of our personality or the sense of I – is the deepest and truest desire that we have.

The capacity of our nervous system to Be Here and experience the arising Past is often the missing link between our Desire for Truth and our ability to independently experience Presence and Self-Inquiry, which is what takes us directly into Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.

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