Volunteering is a pivotal part of Fire of Truth Satsanga in it’s pursuit to support Neelam and her teaching, to Awaken and facilitate Embodiment for all Beings that desire Truth. The functioning of Fire of Truth Satsanga is administered by a board, volunteer staff and supported by the selfless service (seva) of students and lovers of truth.

In this meeting, Neelam will discuss ways that you can use your special talents, gifts or interests to assist Neelam spread her Teaching worldwide. The majority of volunteer opportunities are Virtual – you can help from wherever you are.

Opportunities to Volunteer:

  • Posting on Facebook & Twitter
  • Writing Transcripts
  • Updating Attendee Rosters
  • Hosting Conference Calls with Neelam
  • Special Projects
  • Writing / Editing
  • Creating Posters / Flyers / Postcards
  • Posting Programs on Publicity Sites
  • And More …

Register below for the June 23rd, 2019 Meeting with Neelam from 1-2pm Mountain.


What is Seva – by Volunteer Rob Deacon

This idea of seva is quite personal for me.  It is not a striving, a will, a desire, a belief or even a blessing.  Seva is simply a movement within. It does not arise in the mind but in the heart flowing like soothing reassuring nectar from something I do not know but always experience.  My role is being available, being present with what moves me. To suggest that seva is selfless does not describe such giving because the fullness of love which is that giving is beyond selflessness.  I am so blessed being moved from such depths by giving to this wondrous world. And I am particularly blessed by giving to my dear teacher, Neelam. What an honor; what a gift. Because you see, I am only giving back what she gives me many fold.

~ Rob Deacon

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