2021 Spring Fundraising Letter

May 25, 2021

My Dear Sangha,

Today’s world is in need of Awakening and of the true compassion that comes from going beyond the mind or the “I”.

The experience of our True Nature has the power to liberate and to heal.

Our non-profit organization is in the forefront of offering this true, relevant lineage and science-based teaching — teaching that effectively offers a modern spiritual seeker deep transformation, Awakening and Freedom.

My ability to work in programs and private sessions, limited by my ongoing and at times debilitating health challenge, is alone not enough to sustain us.

We need your support — for some operating expenses and special projects — support that you so generously offer and we so deeply appreciate.

Our goal for the Spring 2021 campaign is to raise $20,000.

  • $5,000 for operating expenses — we all enjoy the benefits of our FOTS office so kindly run by Signe, the resource of our website, the support for programs, and the benefits of mass emails, correspondence with Neelam and Signe etc. We spend about $1,550.00 per month for the office alone.
  • $15,000 for special projects: professional help with social media, professional photography for the new website, transcripts for a book and a booklet

Your gift before June 20 — end of Spring and your partnership through a one-time or monthly donation will help anchor our operations, improve our social media reach and start on our special projects.

Thanks to your generosity we are in the process of building a new website that we are all going to enjoy in just a few months from now.

With help from a volunteer, we are also working on a New YouTube project and a book.

This past year, so challenging for many, has also opened an unprecedented opportunity for Freedom.

I am happy to report that many of you have taken advantage of that and I am so deeply enjoying your growing reliance on Presence and your transformation.

I experience daily Gratitude for Presence and for my connection with you and with my Teacher.

That is what guides me to make this teaching more visible and available and to continue to respond to what arises in the face of the universal desire for Truth.

With Love,


p.s. We have prepared some new and exciting tokens of appreciation for your participation if you donate by June 20 — end of Spring.

Level 1

Up to $75 — A 4-Hour Returning Students Audio Recording of “Everything is a Projection of our Mind.” (2019)

Level 2 

$75 – $150 — Five Week Program “Relationships  – The Path to Freedom” (2015 ) PLUS Level 1 

Level 3 

$150 – $300 — NEW Booklet of Neelam’s Quotes and Photographs PLUS Level 1 and 2 

Level 4 

$300 – $600 — Live  Zoom one-on-one personal visit with Neelam —this is not a session ? PLUS Both Recordings. 

Level 5 

$ 600 or more — Both Recordings, Neelam’s NEW Booklet of Quotes and Photographs signed by Neelam PLUS a Live Zoom one-on-one personal visit with Neelam 

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