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For a $150 Plus Donation, Receive a copy of Neelam’s book An Invitation to Awakening

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Fire of Truth Satsanga is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported by your donations.  We thank you for your ongoing support!

Gifts of Appreciation

Level 1

Up to $75 — A 4-Hour Returning Students Audio Recording of “Everything is a Projection of our Mind.” (2019)

Level 2

$75 – $150 — Five Week Program “Relationships  – The Path to Freedom” (2015 ) PLUS Level 1 

Level 3 

$150 – $300 — NEW Booklet of Neelam’s Quotes and Photographs PLUS Level 1 and 2 

Level 4 

$300 – $600 — Live  Zoom one-on-one personal visit with Neelam -this is not a session ?? PLUS Both Recordings. 

Level 5 

$ 600 or more — Both Recordings, Neelam’s NEW Booklet of Quotes and Photographs signed by Neelam PLUS a Live Zoom one-on-one personal visit with Neelam 

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3. Stock Donations — Write the office info@neelam.org for more info.

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