January 12, 2020
Sunday| 10am-12pm MT

Worldwide – Free & Open TeleSatsang Call with Neelam

Awakening, Embodiment & Freedom

This is a free and open call – all are welcome to join. 
During this TeleSatsang call you will personally connect one-on-one with Neelam to hear her teaching, ask questions, and go through practical exercises you can use in your daily life

Are Neelam’s Teachings For You?

  • Do you desire and seek Truth, Awakening, Freedom, Enlightenment?
  • Are you looking for Peace and for deeper meaning in life?
  • Do you have a hard time breaking mental, emotional and behavioral patterns that stop you from Being Here and  stem from survival and coping mechanisms you learned in your past ?
  • Do challenging life circumstances or health problems trigger you, leaving you unable to be Present and leading you to live from a place of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction or overwhelm?

We have an amazing opportunity in this lifetime to not only Awaken to the Truth of who we really are but also to come and live in Freedom.

This rare and auspicious birth in a human body, together with our desire for Truth, and with an ability to surrender into this innermost desire gives us the opportunity to reach our goal.

What we also need is a right kind of guidance and skills that help us develop a new habit of relying on Presence and give us an ability to address the arising past.

Neelam sees three essential areas that are of utmost importance on the spiritual journey, and that is reflected in her teaching:

Awakening – which moves us permanently  beyond the identification with this body, 

Embodiment and the Role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom – which assures that our recognition of Presence is embodied and functional, that the tendencies of the past are being met and addressed, and that our recognition of Presence is functional in our everyday life, and

Freedom – which means a final and true independence from the patterns of the past and living moment by moment  guided by the independent movement that arises in the Present.

Neelam speaks about the three most important elements of our spiritual journey –
Awakening, Embodiment & Freedom

Benefits of Sitting with Neelam

  • Direct experience of  Presence
  • Developing a stronger reliance on Presence
  • Breaking the illusion of Separation  
  • Ability to recognize the difference between past and Present 
  • Awakening
  • Learning practical information about the nervous system and brain and how to grow the Capacity of the Nervous System to Be Here
  • Understanding what Embodiment is and learning how to embody challenging and expanded states like fear anger and love
  • Learning practical information about being in the world and being relational

Students sitting with Neelam often experience:

  • A greater capacity in the nervous system to be here and experience the arising past (less fight-or-flight, or overwhelm-collapse)
  • Improved ability to notice tendencies shaped by past experiences and break free from habitual, self-defeating patterns
  • Awakening (i.e.permanent shift to knowing oneself as Presence)
  • Increased ability to navigate life’s ups and downs, feel more at peace and enjoy life more

Participants receive Recordings and Detailed notes for all programs they are registered.

What Does Neelam Teach?

Neelam’s unique teachings, based on her own Awakening in the presence of her teacher Papaji, combine spirituality with the modern science of the nervous system. The core of her teaching, together with deep insight into the nature of Awakening and Freedom is Sensation-Based Self Inquiry, based on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s guidelines for Self Inquiry … read more 

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Registrations close by 7am Mountain the day of the event.
Registration Fee: $0 – Free Event

Testimonials from Program Participants

“The depth of Neelam’s tenderness and compassion crosses over all boundaries. Meeting Neelam over the phone has and continues to feel like coming home… She is deeply generous with her Presence and time. The practical exercises she guides us through during the courses have enabled me to experience Presence more, whether I’m sitting formally in meditation or moving through my daily activities. Things that used to trigger me are dropping away and there is more peace and easy in my life. Finding Neelam is a great treasure… so grateful for Neelam and this Sangha.”

“What’s different about Neelam is that she demystifies the actual practice of being present – she’s helped me see what’s actually happening when feelings and emotions come up, and how, in a very practical way, to deal with them. Her strong point is “how to actually do this being the present thing.” It really helps to take it out of the mind and into the body”

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