April 5th
Sunday| 10 am – 12 pm Mountain

Community Support Satsang

Worldwide – Free & Open
Satsang Call with Neelam

Neelam feels inspired to support our worldwide community by offering a Community Support Satsang on April 5th – Free & Open to All.

More details are coming forth – in the meantime, you can register on the link below. If you had already registered for the April 5th Free & Open Satsang Call, we will contact you soon for more information – if you have any questions feel free to write us at info@neelam.org

Please register for Call Access
Registrations close 3 Hours before the start of the call.
Registration Fee: $0 – Free Event

About Neelam

Neelam’s unique teachings, based on her own Awakening in the presence of her teacher Papaji, combine spirituality with the modern science of the nervous system. The core of her teaching, together with deep insight into the nature of Awakening and Freedom is Sensation-Based Self Inquiry, based on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s guidelines for Self Inquiry … read more 

Testimonials from Program Participants

“The depth of Neelam’s tenderness and compassion crosses over all boundaries. Meeting Neelam over the phone has and continues to feel like coming home… She is deeply generous with her Presence and time. The practical exercises she guides us through during the courses have enabled me to experience Presence more, whether I’m sitting formally in meditation or moving through my daily activities. Things that used to trigger me are dropping away and there is more peace and easy in my life. Finding Neelam is a great treasure… so grateful for Neelam and this Sangha.”

“What’s different about Neelam is that she demystifies the actual practice of being present – she’s helped me see what’s actually happening when feelings and emotions come up, and how, in a very practical way, to deal with them. Her strong point is “how to actually do this being the present thing.” It really helps to take it out of the mind and into the body”

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