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Worldwide Thematic Tele-satsang


Sunday | December 9th | 10am-1pm MT


Freedom in Every Moment : “Direct experience of Presence and how to support a sensitive Nervous System in Inquiry”

The Direct Experience of Presence and the process of Inquiry are the two most important elements of our teachings.

We need to Directly Experience Presence so that the mind can stop its search and we also need the Inquiry process so that we have the ability to address the arising past.

Many of us come into this life already with the imprint for a sensitive nervous system and, as we go along many of us also experience trauma and other events that affect the ability of the nervous system to Be Present .

Coming to Presence through Direct Experience and through Inquiry we need to also uncover and re-acquaint ourselves with Tenderness and learn the skill of how to support a sensitive nervous system in its ability to Be Here and be Present to the arising past.

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