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You are invited to download and print a PDF Flyer for current events here & post around your own town.  Just like that you for being of service to Truth and we thank you greatly for the help!

Neelam’s Invitation into Seva/Volunteering

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers are the heart of Fire of Truth, creating community and providing various forms of support for the organization. If you are interested, click here to fill out our volunteer form.

Download PDF Flyer for current events here & please post in your own town.

Our Volunteers


Manuella Mauconduit

Manuella’s volunteering includes hosting and mentoring calls. Also supporting Neelam and FOTS in some of the administrative tasks, like schedule and student survey.

Volunteer since 2015

I first met Neelam in France in 2006. Then, life brought me to the US in 2007 and I started to engage with Neelam in private sessions. I also participated in many longer programs. All those years satsang after satsang, I listened to her teaching, I  practiced self-inquiry… I was learning so much…I really enjoyed being in Satsang with Neelam.

One Sunday, on a daylong retreat, I fell even more deeply in love with her and her teaching and fully embraced  it all…

With tenderness, presence and clarity Neelam invites us to meet what is here… just the way it is… kindly… «Can I be here»… She helps us clarify any misunderstandings that arise. She educates us about the brain, the nervous system… and more, always in service of the Truth. She guides us over and over again to turn our attention inward and meet ourself… what a blessing!

I have gotten to know and trust that Presence, our True Nature,  can meet everything/anything in a moment. And, with Neelam’s continuous guidance and support, I am committed to cultivate and rely on what I know to be true. And, I live life from there one moment at a time!

Recently, I naturally started volunteering some time hosting and mentoring calls. I am also volunteering to support Neelam and FOTS in some of the administrative tasks, like schedule and student survey.

I am honoured to be in service that way.


Maneesh Chhabra

Maneesh’s volunteering includes posting Neelam’s quotes on the Facebook page and also help host Neelam’s calls with students.

Volunteer since 2015

I live in the Bay Area, California, and work in the technology industry.
Since 2013, I have been student of Neelam, and particularly interested in nervous system’s capacity to be here and experience presence in an embodied manner.


Jenny Turco

Jenny’s volunteering includes hosting, backup hosting and mentoring new students.

Volunteer since 2015

I heard about Neelam through Buddha at the Gas Pump website, where a former student of hers was monitoring the forums. That student told me about Neelam in 2012. She encouraged me to work with Neelam, so finally in 2013, I attended an open satsang with Neelam. I am drawn back to work with Neelam again and again.

I have been working with Neelam since 2013. It has been a great blessing and benefit to sit with Neelam, in the long programs as well as the short programs. Neelam has a kind, gentle and patient way of leading her students out of the entanglements of past conditioning. Her guidance is simple and clear. That is the main reason I love working with her. I so appreciate her ability to teach me how to stay present in my body, which in turn leads me to the experience of resting in the present moment. Again and again, I find that Neelam’s methods of inquiry are truly helpful and have become an essential part of my life.

My gratitude has led me to volunteer for Fire of Truth as a host, backup host, and student-mentor.


Zoe Banks

Zoe’s volunteering started towards the end of 2015 and includes research and publicity outreach, newsletter help, and training to eventually help with hosting.

Volunteer since 2015

I met Neelam in early 2015 on an open teleconference call after an internet search for a female satsang teacher.  While listening to her Buddha at the Gas Pump (batgap.com) interviews, I fell in love with her Polish accent and her tender, compassionate presence.

 As a participant in Neelam’s programs, I have felt that tenderness and compassion directly. Currently, I live in a rural area and Neelam’s teleconference programs have been essential. Through Neelam’s gentle guidance and direction there has been a gradual and significant shift in my ability to be here and meet what arises.  Life has become both more peaceful and more joyful.

The icing on the cake has been connecting with new friends from around the world during these calls.  Meeting Neelam is like coming home.


Karolina Rybicka

Karolina’s volunteering includes Neelam Facebook page coordination and posting, looking after neelm.org website and helping with calls mainly by being behind the scene and taking notes.

Volunteer since 2015

 I have found Neelam on the Internet and started by watching videos on Youtube.

I attended my first Satsang with Neelam in 2014.

I was born in Poland but now live in North England. I think fact that Neelam has also Polish background gave me some hope and trust and made it easier to connect.

I really like the way how Neelam teaches how to slow down, ability to be real and also light in life. How to have real tenderness and understanding for nervous system and how to give myself space for being here.

maryMary Ruwart

Mary’s volunteering includes managing a variety of projects, and working on them as needed.

Volunteer since 2013

We benefit greatly from Neelam’s ability to address our concerns personally. However, our individual donations of time and money are more critical, since Neelam’s Sanga is not as large as some other teachers have.

Consequently, I try to donate time and money to Neelam, so that she will be able to continue her work with us. I appreciate access to a true teacher who can personally guide me when I become mired in my conditioning.

Dr. Mary J. Ruwart is a research scientist, ethicist, and award-winning author. She currently chairs a for-profit Independent Review Board in the Austin area, is Secretary of the Foundation for a Free Society, Chairperson of the International Society for Individual Liberty, and a volunteer for Fire of Truth.


Nancy Coats

Nancy’s volunteering includes helping with research, hosting calls, and overseeing Neelam’s Facebook page.

Volunteer since 2013

Originally a native of NYC, I currently live in Springfield, Missouri, with my husband and two adorable rescue canines.

My first introduction to Neelam was when I read a Facebook post about one of her classes recommended by one of her students. I had been thinking of working with a teacher for quite a while so I decided to take a chance and register for a beginning class. I have come to value her kindness and continued spiritual support.


Philip Hirschhorn, DDS (“Dr. Phil”)

Phil’s volunteering includes assisting with various fundraising projects.

Volunteer since 2006

I met Neelam in Fairfield, Iowa, about eight years ago and was drawn to her message of simplicity, naturalness, peace, and invitation for a life in Freedom.

Neelam is the best coach for a practical life in tune with your true Nature that I have ever met. Finally my seeking has ended. Her sweet style is gentle, even tender. Now there are no more excuses to interfere with living a life that is less than awesome!

I live in Long Island, New York, and I adjust my schedule so that I can both participate in all of the valuable long programs, and assist with volunteering.


Noel Spangler

Noel’s volunteering includes assisting with advertising (creating and distributing flyers) and transcribing Neelam’s Satsangs.

Volunteer since 2012

Born and raised in New York City, I began practicing meditation at age four and was first introduced to Satsang at nineteen. My twin brother, Ian, and I met Neelam in 2005 and have been working with her intensively for the past four years. I was particularly drawn to Neelam’s simplicity, clarity, authenticity, and the compassionate manner in which she interacts with all of her students.

I cannot imagine a better cause to serve than one that is centered on helping people come to rest in their true nature.


Ian Spangler

Ian’s volunteering includes assisting with Neelam’s Facebook page, and have also included design, outreach, and transcriptions for Neelam’s upcoming book.

Volunteer since 2012

I am a young professional and native of New York City. Growing up with a spiritual foundation as a meditator, I was eventually led to Neelam’s teaching over ten years ago and since then have found her to be a remarkable resource. Her work has touched me at the deepest level, allowing for an inner healing that meditation alone never addressed, and it is now an honor to help make her teaching more widely known to the public.

“May there be peace and love among all Beings of the Universe. Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace.” Papaji

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