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What is Seva? by Volunteer Rob Deacon

This idea of seva is quite personal for me.  It is not a striving, a will, a desire, a belief or even a blessing. Seva is simply a movement within. It does not arise in the mind but in the heart flowing like soothing reassuring nectar from something I do not know but always experience. My role is being available, being present with what moves me. To suggest that seva is selfless does not describe such giving because the fullness of love which is that giving is beyond selflessness. I am so blessed being moved from such depths by giving to this wondrous world. And I am particularly blessed by giving to my dear teacher, Neelam. What an honor; what a gift. Because you see, I am only giving back what she gives me many fold.

~ Rob Deacon

Neelam’s Invitation / Introduction into Seva/Volunteering

Our Volunteers


Manuella Mauconduit

Manuella’s volunteering includes hosting and mentoring calls. Also supporting Neelam and FOTS in some of the administrative tasks, like schedule and student survey.

Volunteer since 2015

I first met Neelam in France in 2006. Then, life brought me to the US in 2007 and I started to engage with Neelam in private sessions. I also participated in many longer programs. All those years satsang after satsang, I listened to her teaching, I  practiced self-inquiry… I was learning so much…I really enjoyed being in Satsang with Neelam.

One Sunday, on a daylong retreat, I fell even more deeply in love with her and her teaching and fully embraced  it all…

With tenderness, presence and clarity Neelam invites us to meet what is here… just the way it is… kindly… «Can I be here»… She helps us clarify any misunderstandings that arise. She educates us about the brain, the nervous system… and more, always in service of the Truth. She guides us over and over again to turn our attention inward and meet ourself… what a blessing!

I have gotten to know and trust that Presence, our True Nature,  can meet everything/anything in a moment. And, with Neelam’s continuous guidance and support, I am committed to cultivate and rely on what I know to be true. And, I live life from there one moment at a time!

Recently, I naturally started volunteering some time hosting and mentoring calls. I am also volunteering to support Neelam and FOTS in some of the administrative tasks, like schedule and student survey.

I am honoured to be in service that way.


Maneesh Chhabra

Maneesh’s volunteering includes posting Neelam’s quotes on the Facebook page and also help host Neelam’s calls with students.

Volunteer since 2015

I live in the Bay Area, California, and work in the technology industry.
Since 2013, I have been student of Neelam, and particularly interested in nervous system’s capacity to be here and experience presence in an embodied manner.


Karolina Rybicka

Karolina’s volunteering includes Neelam Facebook page coordination and posting, looking after neelm.org website and helping with calls mainly by being behind the scene and taking notes.

Volunteer since 2015

 I have found Neelam on the Internet and started by watching videos on Youtube.

I attended my first Satsang with Neelam in 2014.

I was born in Poland but now live in North England. I think fact that Neelam has also Polish background gave me some hope and trust and made it easier to connect.

I really like the way how Neelam teaches how to slow down, ability to be real and also light in life. How to have real tenderness and understanding for nervous system and how to give myself space for being here.

Ed Zrout

Volunteer duties have included hosting calls and mentoring students. Transcribing Neelam’s recordings, and posting Neelam quotes on Twitter and Facebook.

Volunteer since 2011

I first found out about Neelam after visiting Nirmala’s web site, and read that he was a former student of Neelam. I then signed-up for a Neelam introductory group call in 2010 and afterwards the first of many 6 month and shorter programs.

I have found them extremely helpful in recognizing presence, getting in touch with my nervous system and body sensations instead of my thoughts, recognizing survival patterns, freedom from past conditioning and being with what is. Neelam is a very gentle, loving and compassionate teacher willing to lead her students into the presence of Being.

Philip Hirschhorn, DDS (“Dr. Phil”)

Phil’s volunteering includes assisting with various fundraising projects.

Volunteer since 2006

I met Neelam in Fairfield, Iowa, about eight years ago and was drawn to her message of simplicity, naturalness, peace, and invitation for a life in Freedom.

Neelam is the best coach for a practical life in tune with your true Nature that I have ever met. Finally my seeking has ended. Her sweet style is gentle, even tender. Now there are no more excuses to interfere with living a life that is less than awesome!

I live in Long Island, New York, and I adjust my schedule so that I can both participate in all of the valuable long programs, and assist with volunteering.

Mike Lippitt

Mike served on the FOTS board of directors and in charge of fundraising.

Mike Lippitt is 70 years young and lives in Northern California with his wife and near his daughter and four granddaughters.

When Mike was 19, he left college to travel through Europe; and, following his heart and instincts ended up in India at an Ashram near Mumbai to find a spiritual teacher. After returning to America, Mike was very fortunate to find a number of wonderful teachers with whom he spent time, sometimes for years.

In the early 90’s Mike attended a Satsang with a new teacher he had never met. She turned out to be Neelam, and Mike felt an immediate and deep connection, not only with the teacher herself, but her teachings, which were radically different from previous teachers.
He found Neelam was able to not only provide direct experiences but explain how one’s conditioning and even one’s nervous system can deflect from one’s essential True Nature.

“May there be peace and love among all Beings of the Universe. Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace, Let there be Peace.” Papaji

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