Sunday, November 15

10 am – 2 pm Mountain

Returning Student Day Long Intensive

“Know thyself ” means to know ourselves as Presence, as our True Nature.

In the way we approach Presence and the Nervous System and Inquiry it also means to know your own experience to know what works and what does not and to know what you really need to be more at rest in a moment.

Understanding how the Nervous System works is helping us to Be Here —  understanding — and especially now with Covid, politics and economy —   what our True Needs versus Ego Needs are is going to help us to Be Here as well.

That means living more at rest and as much as possible in the reality of  What actually Is in the moment.

That also means moving in the world as embodiment of or as embodied Presence.

We often search for Peace but what we don’t remember is that definition of Sufferings is “a movement away from our True Nature”.

That movement gets projected outward and inward and so we experience suffering as caused by external and internal circumstances.

The moment we realize that and allow the mind to stop and merge in the Heart, we experience Peace that is already here and is the end of Suffering and Separation. 

When you are at rest — when the Mind merges in the Heart — the whole world is not a problem and ALL is at rest as well.

I am very happy that we will have this time again and am very much  looking forward to the deepening of Rest and Presence that we experience when we sit together. 

We will address and understand more how circumstances and stress affect our Nervous Systems and overall our moment by moment experience and  we will Inquire into the sense of I as the devotion and Surrender to who we really are results in Peace, Awakening and Freedom.

Sliding Scale — $55-135 for those affected by Covid-19

Returning Students have attended a 6-Month program OR have attended four 3-week programs OR have been invited by Neelam to join.

Neelam would like everybody to be able to participate in our programs at this time. If you have lost income, or are economically affected due to Covid-19 and would like to participate in programs, you can make a donation in any amount you can afford. At the same time, we very much appreciate everybody who can pay within the sliding scale now as we also need to support and sustain our income. Thank you all for your support and participation.

You will find a scholarship choice on the registration pages for the program of your interest.

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