Fire of Truth Satsanga

6 Month Program

Refund Policy 2018/19


We encourage all participants to remain in the program work through the arising issues in Presence and through Inquiry as that is part of the program and it assures the success of your participation.

However in case of unforeseen and life changing circumstances that would prevent you from completing the program we offer a limited, percentage based refund policy.
There are no refunds after January 6th, 2019. We put a great deal of energy into creating this program and rely on your commitment financially to provide the best experience possible.

We are a non-profit and we rarely have students requesting refunds, but just in case here is an outline. There is a 30% office support fee of the total program cost, and a percentage fee depending on how long you spent in the course.

For example: if you only participated in 2 months of 6 months, the remaining 70% class fee would get divided by 3 (as 2 months is a third of 6 months). So we would keep 30% office support and 23.3% class fee, a total of 53.3%, and you would receive 46.7% return. If desired, the refund can be in the form of a credit on your account toward a future program.

We welcome the opportunity to resolve your concerns before refunding your payment. If there is something we can assist you with, please contact us at at any time during the program.




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