Invitation to Awakening: Pointers to Your True Self

Spoken Words by Neelam

Photographs by Neelam

Discover Your True Nature

Neelam experienced her Awakening in 1995 in the presence of her teacher Papaji, Sri H.W.L. Poonja. After receiving Papaji’s permission and blessing, she began teaching and continues to this day, over twenty-five years later.

Invitation to Awakening: Pointers to Your True Self shares the spoken words by Neelam to her students, to each of us. It embodies the wisdom and transmission of true spiritual Freedom, pointing the heart home to Presence, to the rest and peace that is the Truth of who you are — your True Nature! Each quote invites a moment to pause, reflect, and Be Here.

Spectacular color and black and white photographs taken by Neelam transport the reader through an open door to the stillness and beauty of Presence found all around us and in magical New Mexico.

Foreword by J.L. Simon, Ed.D. June 2021

Here within these pages and within these succinct spoken words and photographs by Neelam, the reader can find a powerful transmission of Awakened Truth which speaks to the heart and calls you home to rest in the ever-whole and at-peace core of your True Nature.  Neelam’s embodiment of Truth and Awakening shines through, pointing the reader back inward over and over to where our truest desire for liberation can be found. Neelam invites us to welcome each and every moment, wherever we find ourselves, whatever we are experiencing, as the open doorway leading directly to the spiritual freedom and the rest that we dearly seek.

They say a photograph captures the state of mind of the photographer. And so, Neelam’s stunning photography, taken embodied in Presence, allows a window to touch and feel the quiet perfection of the beautiful mind they were taken by.

Neelam’s message and photography is timeless and can be enjoyed over and over, providing an ever-deepening understanding to those searching for Truth.

Please enjoy reading this book cover to cover, or by topic, or simply by opening to a random page and discovering the message within.  This book can be used as a meditation or as a vehicle during challenging times to help you return to the peace within.

It is our dearest hope that this book brings you peace over and over again, ultimately leading to that moment of perfect Trust that Neelam speaks of – where we finally discover that we are already Home.

The Spoken Words

Neelam’s book includes 31 topics including: Anger, Beliefs, Honesty, Inquiry, Surrender and Trauma.

Here are her words from the book for Anger:


Everything is OK just the way it is.

All emotions are OK.

And, perfect because they arise in Presence.

They are the gateway to Presence

…even Anger

The Photographs

Eighteen color and black and white photographs by Neelam.

Enjoy the stillness and beauty of presence of Northern New Mexico through Neelam’s photographs.

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