Book 2 — Published June 2022

Awakening & The Elements Necessary for Awakening

Spoken Words by Neelam

We are thrilled to announce the release of Neelam’s second book, Awakening and the Elements Necessary for Awakening!

This beautiful new book is the perfect introduction to Neelam’s teachings.  Within its pages you will find direct-to-the-point powerful instruction and information, as well as some beautiful personal sharings about Neelam.  

This book was made with Love for you, to help us all discover the Truth of Our True Nature. Even students who have worked with Neelam for many years found this book to be deeply powerful and helpful.  The content is potent and can be read over and over again — allowing for a deepening of Truth.

This is a limited printing release. So, be sure to order yours today. 

ISBN: 978-1-7374105-1-5

Book 1 — Published August 2021

Invitation to Awakening: Pointers to Your True Self

Spoken Words by Neelam | Photographs by Neelam

Neelam experienced her Awakening in 1995 in the presence of her teacher Papaji, Sri H.W.L. Poonja. After receiving Papaji’s permission and blessing, she began teaching and continues to this day, over twenty-five years later.

Invitation to Awakening: Pointers to Your True Self shares the spoken words by Neelam to her students, to each of us. It embodies the wisdom and transmission of true spiritual Freedom, pointing the heart home to Presence, to the rest and peace that is the Truth of who you are — your True Nature! Each quote invites a moment to pause, reflect, and Be Here.

Spectacular color and black and white photographs taken by Neelam transport the reader through an open door to the stillness and beauty of Presence found all around us and in magical New Mexico.

Print Version ISBN: 978-1-7374105-0-8

Published by Fire of Truth Satsanga Press

Our Mission: Support the Awakening of the Individual Consciousness into the Oneness of Being

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