October 3rd Returning Students* Day Long Program

Trust, Surrender and the Meaning of True Abidance

Sunday, October 3, 2021

10am to 2pm Mountain Standard Time

(4-hour Satsang for Returning Students)

*Returning Students are students who have completed a 6-month program; have completed four 3-week programs; or who are invited personally by Neelam. Any questions, ask info@neelam.org

Areas of Interest:

  • Trust and How to Understand and deepen in all Areas of Trust
  • What is Ego and What Stops us from Fully Trusting Now
  • The Difference between Mind and Presence and the True Meaning of Surrender
  • Surrender is the Willingness to Trust and Follow What You Know is True
  • What is Abidance in Presence and How to Keep Giving Up what We Believe in Habitually (and Accumulate on the Level of Belief Daily)
  • Keep Quiet, Don’t Make any Effort
  • Is Anybody Doing It — Who Am I Inquiry

Trust is one of the key elements necessary for Awakening and Freedom — an element that leads us deeper and closer into our ability to go beyond the ego and the mind and into Surrender.

And I am speaking about Trust in Truth, Trust in Presence, Trust in the Teaching and in the guidance of the teacher…

We may even believe that we fully Trust and yet the experiences of our past stop us from fully trusting and so from Abidance and Surrender.

The Ego structure (mind), based on a sense of separation and lack, is a strong habit and we need a stronger habit — the habit of Love and Trust — to go beyond that limiting belief and mis-identification and into Surrender.

In this upcoming daylong intensive I want to explore more closely with you what stops you from Trust and also the question of Abidance which is the willingness to return to Presence over and over again, see through the arising beliefs, and the beliefs we accumulate daily while making Presence your priority and your guiding light.

In this intensive we will take time to address your homework individually and your questions re: Your Ability to Trust and Abide in Presence.

I am looking forward to our time together.

With Love,


Homework — 1 page Maximum. Submit Confidentially to info@neelam.org.

  1. What was your Experience of Trust early in Life and how did events of your life Affect your Ability to Trust?
  2. How does that affect your ability to Be Present and Trust Now?

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