October 5-Week Program

Who are you?♥️

Self-Inquiry Skills for

Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom

Part One of a Two Part Series*

This is a thorough and extensive program covering the self-inquiry process.

*For the most benefit, you are highly encouraged to do both parts of this program, especially if you are interested in the Partner Inquiry*

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Week 2: Sunday, October 24 | 10 am to 1 pm

Week 3: Sunday, October 31 | 10 am to 2 pm

All Calls are Mountain Standard Time

Areas of Interest:

  • Why do we need Inquiry for Awakening Embodiment and Freedom?
  • Presence, Okayness, Tenderness
  • Is Everything ok just the way it is?
  • Suffering and the cause of Suffering
  • Nervous System, brain and capacity to Be Here
  • “Separation” in the Nervous System and how to “catch” the Nervous System and help it to regulate again
  • “Who am I ?” Inquiry
  • Partner Inquiry 

The Invitation to Awakening and Freedom is always here and we are living more than ever in a world of change — change that often results in patterns of the past becoming more visible.

This unique time, even more than before, gives us plenty of opportunities to Inquire into the nature of our experience and into the arising Past. 

Inquiry has always been a cornerstone of our ability to know Presence — Our True Nature and to Inquire into that which takes our attention away from knowing it permanently and so from Being Here.

Ramana Maharshi, for the first time, introduced Inquiry and shared the simple instructions to Inquiry in response to a question from a disciple close to a 100 year ago.

What I have noticed in our programs and interacting with you my Dear Student is the need to:

  • strengthen our ability to notice our experience as it arises here and notice sensations;
  • strengthen our ability to sit in Inquiry;
  • and to strengthen our Inquiry skills.

We also need to strengthen our Discrimination between Mind and Presence and our experiential understanding of how to “catch” the Nervous System and help it to regulate and Be Here.

I have designed this upcoming program with these needs in mind and am very much looking forward to our time together.

With Love,


HOMEWORK (1 page Maximum) Submit Confidentially to info@neelam.org

1.What is your daily experience of Presence?
2.What is your experience when you practice Inquiry?

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