6 Month Program for Returning Students

Sunday | Nov 11th | 10am-1pm MT

“Freedom in Every Moment – The true meaning of Surrender and the Role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom”

A 6-month Tele-Course with Neelam for returning 6-month students

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“Freedom, our birthright, is the true purpose of this life” ~Neelam

In this year’s six month program for returning students, the invitation is to come into a deeper Surrender, Awakening and Freedom. Through recognizing the role of the NS in Awakening and Freedom, we will enliven our Inquiry, Embodiment and grow the capacity of our NS to Be Here.  

The Desire for Truth and Freedom, like Presence itself, is already always Here. It manifests as an ongoing movement into a deeper Surrender. Because of our reliance on the past we don’t always recognize or Trust that movement or have the capacity of the NS and the strength of Discrimination to truly Be Here.

The tendencies that bring us here, regardless of the depth of our recognition of Presence often times still remain hidden and functional. It is in the direct addressing of that that we find true change and transformation – The ultimate fulfillment of our life’s goal – Peace Love and lasting Freedom.

The capacity of our nervous system to Be Here is oftentimes the missing link between Direct Experience of Presence and Awakening. Between the Embodiment and Freedom, where Presence becomes available to us in the moment, regardless of what are the current circumstances of our life.

When I speak about Freedom I speak about living in a dynamic, alive recognition of Presence and in the true independence from the past.

A powerful strengthening as well as deepening of our capacity to Be Here comes from learning how to fully recognize and meet the sensations of our arising experiences just the way they are in the present. We recognize, then we address some of our past tendencies – the unseen and unmet imprints based on our experiences in the past, where we have believed individually and collectively that Truth, Presence and Love are not already Here.

I invite you all to join me in this program as Freedom is the true purpose of this life and every moment, including our time together is an invitation to Freedom.

This program besides the sharing of information is experiential in its nature and you will have the opportunity to ask questions, practice and deepen your experience of the teaching. The nervous system and the skillful means of Inquiry will be explored and you’ll learn how to build the capacity of the nervous system to Be Here.


1. The true meaning of Surrender:

  • Karma/Destiny & Free Will – The implication for our practice & life
  • Desire for Truth & what is Surrender
  • Identifying & addressing obstacles to practice
  • Growing the capacity of the nervous system to Be Here
  • Nurturing our practice & noticing sensations as a gateway to Presence


2. The role of the nervous system in Awakening and Freedom

  • Nervous system, brain & regulation; identifying & working with the states that arise here
  • Identifying survival & core strategies – meditation & Inquiry on completing the past
  • What is ego & ego structure
  • True Yes/No & what are true needs
  • The role of the ego or I & the I arises in Presence
  • The capacity & role of the nervous system before Awakening
  • The capacity & role of the nervous system in Awakening & in Freedom
  • Trauma, its role on the spiritual path, how it impairs the nervous system and its power for transformation


3. Presence, Awakening & functionality in the world

  • Discrimination & Trust; experiential understanding of movement/action from the past versus movement/action from the present
  • Growing Inquiry skills & learning to facilitate Presence through “deep listening”
  • The role of the nervous system in Inquiry
  • Projection – Everything! is a projection of our mind & projection as a way of avoidance of what is
  • How survival strategies are the way we relate
  • How relating is a reflection of our past & of the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here
  • Solitude & Presence as foundation of being in the world and being relational.



  1. Must have completed a 6-month program with Neelam
  2. Full Participation:  Your full participation in all aspects of the program is required. Neelam requests that students not be absent for more than two of the program calls. Make sure you set aside time for yourself and all of these elements for the duration of the program. Participation includes:
    • Program calls: Every other week program calls, the majority of which are TeleConference Satsangs (3 hour calls) and two are at-home day-long intensive calls (5 hours). Break times are included. Holidays are excluded
    • Additional teaching and homework via audio or video recordings from Neelam. Provided by email bi-weekly. Include details on how to apply these assignments to our lives.
    • Weekly partner inquiry – 1 hour per week
    • Mentoring calls with new students



Program participants receive teachings and support through:

  • TeleConference calls: Generally 3-hrs satsang, plus two Day-long Intensives (5 hrs) and inquiry with Neelam
  • Pre-recorded video
  • Group support – Weekly meetings to share & deepen our understanding of the teaching
  • Mentoring calls with long-time students
  • Partner inquiry exercises with other students
  • Written assignments
  • Recordings of all the sessions
  • Neelam will offer a limited number of private phone sessions to students in this program for an additional fee



Program calls take place on Sundays from 10am – 1pm MT, unless otherwise noted below

Neelam asks that participants avoid being absent for more than 2 meetings during the program.

2018 Dates
NOV 11 – 10am-1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam
NOV 18 – 10am-1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam
NOV 25 – 10am-1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam
DEC 2 – 10am-1pm MT Small groups meet together
DEC 9 – 10am-3pm MT / At Home Day-long Intensive w/Neelam
DEC 16 – 10am-1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam
DEC 23 – Christmas Break
DEC 30 – Audio/Video Recording of Neelam (sent via email)

2019 Dates
JAN 6 – 10am -1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam
JAN 13 – 10am -1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam
JAN 20 – 10am – 1pm MT / Small Groups Meet
JAN 27 – 10am – 1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam

FEB 3 – 10am – 1pm MT / Week off or small groups meeting together
FEB 10 – 10am – 1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam
FEB 17 – 10am – 1pm MT / Small Groups Meet
FEB 24 – 10am – 1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam
MAR 3 – 10am – 1pm MT / Small Groups Meet
MAR 10 – Audio/Video Recording of Neelam (sent via email)
MAR 17 – 10am – 3pm MT / At Home Day-long Intensive w/Neelam

MAR 24 – 10am – 1pm MT /  Small Groups Meet
MAR 31 – 10am – 1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam

APR 7 – 10am – 1pm MT / Small Groups Meet
APR 14 – 10am – 1pm MT / Teleconference Meeting w/Neelam



  • Register on or before October 28, 2018: Suggested donation of $925 – $1,475
  • Register after October 28, 2018: Suggested donation of $1,500
  • Monthly payment option available (email info@neelam.org to request)
  • Register by payment in full or by making a non-refundable $100 deposit



We encourage all participants to remain in the program and work through the arising issues in Presence and through Inquiry as that is part of the program and it assures the success of your participation. 

However in case of unforeseen and life changing circumstances that would prevent you from completing the program we offer a limited, percentage based refund policy. 

There are no refunds after January 6th, 2019. We put a great deal of energy into creating this program and rely on your commitment financially to provide the best experience possible.

We are a non-profit and we rarely have students requesting refunds, but just in case here is an outline. There is a 30% office support fee of the total program cost, and a percentage fee depending on how long you spent in the course.

For example: if you only participated in 2 months of 6 months, the remaining 70% class fee would get divided by 3 (as 2 months is a third of 6 months). So we would keep 30% office support and 23.3% class fee, a total of 53.3%, and you would receive 46.7% return. If desired, the refund can be in the form of a credit on your account toward a future program.

We welcome the opportunity to resolve your concerns before refunding your payment. If there is something we can assist you with, please contact us at info@neelam.org at any time during the program

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