We are organizing ways to wish Neelam a Happy Birthday. 

If you would like to participate, here is what we have set up:

1. Share your Love For Neelam – Celebrating Our Wonderful Teacher on her Birthday​!​

Share your stories of Love, Inspiration, and Awakening about you & Neelam

Click Here to Fill Out the Google Form

2. Email Photos and Kind Words to info@neelam.org and we will post them for Neelam. She loves nature photos!

3. Mail Birthday Cards or Small Gifts such as Gift Cards​ and Books to:


Fire of Truth Satsanga

​8 Marcellina Lane
Galisteo, NM 87540 USA

If mailing a check, email us at info@neelam.org for the make payable to information.

4. Donations​ for a gift fund​. If you would like to donate to a birthday fund for Neelam so she can purchase something special just for herself, you can do so at this link via PayPal, Debit or Credit Card. 


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