Neelam embodies and transmits deep tenderness as a teacher which melts the heart and allows her students to meet everything which arises in life, whether it is internal experience or external events, with acceptance and resting in Presence.

Neelam is a native of Poland , who now lives in New Mexico and has been giving satsang internationally since 1996. She is a direct disciple of H.W.L. Poonja (“Papaji”), who first awakened at 8 years of age during a spontaneous samadhi experience. This eventually led Papaji on a search for a true spiritual teacher, to Mount Arunachala, where the Indian saint Sri Ramana Maharshi, resided. Papaji’s search ended with a deep and abiding recognition of the Truth of Being in the Presence of his Beloved Teacher Ramana.

Neelam first sat with Papaji in satsang in the early 1990’s in Lucknow, India, where she herself awakened to the Truth of Presence as her own true nature, through the penetrating process of Spiritual Inquiry which Papaji used.

Neelam’s unequivocal commitment to truth helps students turn inward again and again to release underlying patterns of conditioning which block the recognition of their true nature as Presence. The clarity and discriminating wisdom that are intrinsic to this awakened state are given freely by Neelam through Spiritual Inquiry, as she invites her students into the same recognition of truth that her teacher Papaji transmitted to her.

Neelam is a skilled group facilitator. She has a degree in Theater Arts from Poland and studied Tai Chi extensively. She speaks four languages and has given many satsangs (Sitting in Truth) throughout the United States, Canada, France, the UK, India Poland, France and Germany. She has taught several times at Omega Institute and currently leads satsangs, weekend retreats, intensives and long term programs for those who wish to dive into “the fire of truth”.

A more in depth description of Neelam’s journey of awakening is available in the book “Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom” by Rita Marie Robinson.

You can read Neelam’s story of meeting Papaji in Roslyn Moore’s book, Meeting Papaji.

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