Sunday, March 24th, 2019 | 10 am – 2 pm Mountain

Freedom in Every Moment
True ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, and How to break the illusion of separation

4-Hour Intensive for Returning Students
For students who have completed a six month program before.

Having completed a 6-month program, we have a deeper understanding and appreciation of Truth, Inquiry, Awakening, and Freedom.

As our recognition of Presence grows and matures inwardly we are also looking at ways in which this recognition expresses itself and shows up in our daily life

We also often struggle with deep seated tendencies that are stronger than our Desire for Truth and take our attention away from Presence.

In this day long intensive I will be addressing many of the key elements to moving forward in your practice and our quest for Awakening Embodiment and Freedom

Areas of focus:

  • Karma /Destiny and Free Will -the implications for our practice and life
  • Breaking the illusion of separation -inquiry into the sense of “I” and finding comfort in the Unknown
  • True Yes and No and what are true needs -how patterns survive by repetition and the difference between action from.the past and action from the present
  • “Who am I “ Inquiry

* Participants will receive a video with Neelam guiding us through the “Who am I?” Inquiry.

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