March 2021 Three-Week Intensive Program

The Role of Trauma and Nervous Systems in Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom

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Week 2: Sunday, March 21 — 10 AM – 1 PM Mountain Time

Week 3: Sunday, March 28 — 10AM – 2 PM Mountain Time

Open to Everyone

In our search for Truth, Awakening and Freedom ? we inevitably encounter unfinished, unmet patterns of the Past that take our attention away from Being Here — and that includes Trauma Past.

Patterns of the Past and Trauma often show up in our experience as specific “symptoms” and as thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions and affect our physiology in ways that make it difficult for us to Be Here, rest in Presence, and to practice Inquiry.

Understanding the Nervous System and Brain and how it functions and understanding the mechanics of Trauma — unresolved energy patterns that still affect our experience — help us to not only find a way to Be Here and be present Now but also find Peace in and complete the unmet, unresolved past.

Our capacity and ability to Be Here and meet the arising Past is essential for Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom; addressing the patterns of the past gives us an amazing opportunity to strengthen our Discrimination and come to a greater Trust. 

Understanding and practice of the workings of the Nervous System and Brain is often the “missing link” between our Desire for Truth and our actual ability to Be Here no matter what arises.

This 3 week program will help you understand more about this “missing link” and result in you being able to practically translate your desire for Truth into a moment-by-moment ability to Be Here. 

Participants in this program will receive a video with “Meditation on completing the Past”.


  • Elements necessary for Awakening and Freedom — Strengthening Discrimination, Trust and capacity of the Nervous System to be Here
  • Patterns of the Past — How they come to be and how they survive
  • What is Trauma?
  • The vortex of the Past versus the movement to Be Here
  • What does it mean to Be Here
  • Nervous System and Brain and how Trauma affects our experience
  • Trauma and Inquiry — How to practice, recognize and use symptoms of trauma for inquiry
  • The opportunity and challenge of trauma in the spiritual search 
  • Meditation on completing the Past


Please answer this question if possible before the program starts (1 page maximum). Submit confidentially to the office at

Please describe areas of your life where in general you experience a challenge in your ability to Be Here

What events in your life would you consider to be Trauma Past 


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