July / August 2021 Three-Week Intensive Program

Surrender is What We Really Want ? — Trust, Capacity of the Nervous System & Inquiry

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Week 2: Sunday, July 25 — 10 AM – 1 PM Mountain Time

Week 3: Sunday, August 1 — 10AM – 2 PM Mountain Time

Open to Everyone

Surrender is what we really want ? — Trust, Capacity of the Nervous System & Inquiry

  • Love of Truth, Love of the teaching
  • The true meaning of Surrender — the Mind merging in the Heart
  • Direct experience of Presence & the difference between Mind and Presence
  • “Does this belong to you”? ?
  • How Surrender transforms our moment-by-moment experience 
  • Awakening is a moment of full Trust — how to grow in Trust moment-by-moment 
  • The practice of Inquiry & how to practice when past is Present
  • Capacity of the Nervous System to Be Here for Awakening, Embodiment & Freedom
  • Honesty & communication
  • What does it mean to “be triggered” how to recognize it and work with that
  • All is One in Presence and yet the Nervous System needs “distance” to regulate well

Moment-by-moment we experience many inner movements that potentially can take our attention in many different directions away from Presence.

These movements most of the time are fueled by or just simply are the Tendencies of the Past.

Underlying it all however and really the deepest movement of it all is the movement to Be Here, to Surrender.

What is the true meaning of Surrender? — we have been speaking about this for a while and I want to speak again and bring us more to experientially know the two aspects of Surrender — mind merging in the Heart ? and following the movement that arises on the inner.

I also really want to focus on the Nervous System and on Inquiry which are the keys to stopping the Past and so to stopping the outgoing movement of the mind.

Love of Truth and Love of the teaching is what at any moment is going to bring us into a deeper Surrender. 

I am looking forward to growing in Love and Trust during our time together.

With Love


Homework for this program

  1. How do you recognize symptoms of the Past?
  2. When past is Present, what is your practice?

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