Free Open Telesatsang Call

Sunday | Sept 9th | 10am-12pm MT

“Freedom in Every Moment”


This is an open call and all are welcome.

It is a practical and experiential introduction to Neelam, her teaching and the Inquiry practice that can free you from suffering in your daily life and invite a spiritual Awakening.

There will time for questions and to experience the process of Inquiry

“Presence, our True nature is already Here and in this lifetime we are blessed with a birth in a human body which together with a strong desire for Truth, gives us the rare opportunity for Awakening and Freedom.
Freedom is the true purpose of this life and the Capacity of the Nervous System to Be Here together with Discrimination, Desire for Truth and Trust is one of the main elements needed to reach our goal.

Are Neelam’s Teachings For You?

  • Are you dissatisfied with life and looking for deeper meaning?
  • Do you seek truth, freedom, awakening and enlightenment?
  • Do challenging life circumstances or health problems trigger you, leading you to live from a place of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction or overwhelm?
  • Do you have a hard time breaking emotional and behavioral patterns that stem from coping mechanisms you learned in your past?

Benefits of Sitting in Satsang with Neelam

Neelam’s teachings offer a spiritual solution that is also informed by science.  Her practical approach to calming your overactive nervous system when you are triggered helps open your heart to a different way of experiencing your life, yourself and others.  Past students say they have gained:

  • Able to accept what is and enjoy life more (be at peace in my true nature)
  • Increased ability to navigate life’s ups and downs
  • Increased self-compassion and improved relationships
  • Greater capacity in the nervous system to Be Here when experiencing the arising past (less fight/flight/freeze or overwhelm)
  • Ability to break habitual emotional and behavioral patterns that cause suffering.

What Does Neelam Teach?

Neelam’s unique teachings, based on her own Awakening in the presence of her teacher Papaji, combine spirituality with the modern science of the nervous system. The core of her teaching is Sensation-Based Self Inquiry, based on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s guidelines for Self Inquiry. This practical, body/sensation-based inquiry practice strikes at the heart of human suffering, which is not caused by external circumstances but rather by our resistance to what is and our inability to “be here” at any given moment.  

Students learn to disengage from thoughts and emotions which pull them into habitual response patterns. They increase the capacity of their nervous system to be here, allowing them to stay with the present moment instead of going into fight/flight/freeze or overwhelm. Releasing the energy of the past, they can transcend their past conditioning and are free to respond differently in the present moment.

On this tele-satsang you will personally connect one–on-one with Neelam to hear her teaching, ask questions, and go through practical exercises you can use in your daily life.   

Neelam has been giving satsang (a gathering together for truth) since 1996.  She embodies and transmits deep tenderness as a teacher, speaking to both the heart and mind.  Her teachings allow students to meet everything which arises in life, whether it is internal experience or external events, with acceptance and resting in Presence.


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