Finding Peace and Stability in Times of Change

Sunday, August 30

Returning Students

10 AM – 2 PM Mountain Time

We had a wonderful meeting last month – where the ground of Presence became even more available through the direct experience of Presence and through a deeper understanding and practical experience of Impermanence…?

I want to continue this in our August meeting with a deeper exploration of the Unknown and of “Everything is a projection of our mind”.

As I am sitting with you in programs and private sessions, I am very much aware that many of us are facing some of our deepest patterns right now.

The changes in the world and our life circumstances are now affecting our nervous systems in many ways including bringing up deep-seated tendencies.

What an amazing opportunity for Freedom!

Realizing the depth of what we are experiencing collectively and individually, I also want to share and practice with you some of the very direct ways of how we can “catch” the nervous system before it fully goes into fight / flight / freeze, etc. 

Even after the particular trigger or arising of the tendencies of the past …

Let’s remember that for the brain and nervous system it is always Now – no matter when we stop and notice.

Being in the world and Being Relational – which in many ways is much more impaired and much more intensive right now – also naturally flows much easier from our ability to Be Here.

I will be curious to hear more from you about this and for us to sit more with what arises in this area as well. 

I am very much looking forward to our time together – as always there will be plenty of time for sharing, Q and A, and practice.

Areas of interest:

  • Finding comfort in the Unknown & Everything is a projection of our mind
  • Nervous System – How to Be Here and meditation on completing the Past 
  • Relating / Being in the World – Embodiment of Presence 

Dates & Times

Sunday, August 30: 10 am – 2 pm Mountain

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