Finding Inner Freedom in Relating Two people, two nervous systems in Love, Fear, Strategy & Presence.


TeleConference Satsang

Wednesday, June 13th | 5:30-8:30pm Mountain
Suggested Donation: $25-45

What I really like about coming to freedom through looking at beeing relational is that relating is such an immediate way of knowing where we are at!

Two people, two nervous systems in Love, Fear, Survival, Bliss or Strategy arising in Presence ????

To trully find inner freedom in relating we have to have the willngess to address the arising past and to realize that everything arises in presence including the other who in reality is just like we are – another nervous system and brain, that expieriences unresolved patters of the past, has unfinished hope’s and desires including the desire for freedom.

Otherwise what we expierience as relating is just a projection of the unfinished states of our past. There is a part of our patterns that only arrises when we are relational. – What an amazing opportunity and what an invitation to freedom

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