3-Week Satsang Intensive
Sunday’s | February 2nd, 9th, & 16th

“Awakening, Inner Peace and Freedom through Nervous System & addressing conditioning around Work, Relationships and Money”

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Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom are so much based on our ability to recognize Past for what it is, on capacity to allow patterns of the past to Be Here, and on gaining full Trust in our true nature – Presence. Breaking the illusion of Separation, inquiring directly into the sense of I, appraises us of the fact that what we are looking for – Peace, Freedom, Presence – is already Here.

Being in the World – and especially if we are willing to use it as a source of information and an opportunity for an ongoing and very “live” Inquiry ???? – inevitably exposes the deepest unfinished, unresolved patterns of the Past and our attachments to those patterns, becoming a great opportunity for Awakening and Inquiry.

In many ways the challenges that we experience in life and especially in the areas related to Work, Relationships, and Money, are based on our attachment to some of the same unseen and unresolved patterns of the past.

When we are able to see the arising patterns and the outward manifestation of that as an invitation, instead of as a challenge, this opens an incredible opportunity for Peace, Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.

This 3 week intensive is a very practical exploration of our misidentification with the sense of I and of patterns of the past and survival strategies that drive our movements and arise in areas of our life connected to Work, Relationship, and Money.

Please join me in this very live and experiential Inquiry.

Areas of focus:

  • Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.
  • Breaking the illusion of Separation through Direct experience of Presence and Who am I?
  • What is Money ???? & Identifying and Inquiring into patterns of the past connected to Work, Relationships and Money.
  • How patterns of the past become survival strategies and couple in the NS and Brain with the survival instinct.
  • Patterns thrive on repetition – how to break the habit of following the past by Being Here and assure a real change.

Program Dates & Times – Sunday’s
Week 1 – February 2nd / 10am-1pm Mountain – Complete
Week 2 – February 9th / 10am-1pm Mountain – Complete
Week 3 – February 16th / 10am-2pm Mountain – Half-Day Intensive

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