November 17th, 10am- 2pm Mountain

Don’t Build in the Transit Lounge” :-) – The True Meaning of Freedom

4 Hour / Half-Day Intensive for Returning Students who have attended a 6 month Program

“Don’t build in the transit lounge”,???? Papaji used to say.
Our life here is not permanent – we are just in transition – and what he meant by that is – don’t build in and get attached to what does not last.

The “Who am I” Inquiry of Ramana, as well as many of the other topics for our upcoming program, are directly and experientially pointing beyond the mind to Presence, our True Nature, which is always here.

As returning students the strongest priority for you is, or needs to be, in sustaining the commitment to Presence and to the ongoing willingness – no matter what – to be Present Here and remain at rest until the past subsides.

This is true before, during and after Awakening, even though Awakening and Freedom itself is the true “long term” goal as well.

To support you in growing of this commitment we are also going to address the tendencies that often show up as mind/thoughts and we will experientially address practical ways to strengthen your Discrimination and Inquiry.

I will also be speaking about how Trauma of the past shows up in and affects our nervous system and its ability to Be Here – which is crucial not only in terms of experiencing patterns of the past but also in terms of allowing and embodying Presence.

Areas of focus:

– Who am I? – breaking the reliance on the mind
– Everything arises in Presence and Everything is a projection of our mind
– Is anybody doing it? – Breaking the illusion of Separation
– The nature of thoughts / mind and how to break our reliance on the past
– How trauma past affects our Nervous System and so our moment by moment experience

Neelam guides us through a simple inquiry exercise to shift our attention to notice the spaciousness, the substratum, the ground, the space in between, that is already present.

Registration Closes at 7am Mountain on the day of the event.
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