December Returning Students Day Long Program

There is Only One: Freedom by Knowing that Everything Arises in Presence and Everything is Presence 

Sunday, December 27 — 10 AM – 2 PM Mountain Time

Returning Students Only

(**Returning Students are: Students who have previously completed a 6 month program; Students who have completed four 3-week programs; Students who are invited personally by Neelam**)

There is Only One ? and even more precisely, (as words can be so Big when it comes to describing Reality) — there is Nothingness / Emptiness and there is Fullness or just Presence.

It is in the devotion to that Realization and to that knowing that we find everlasting happiness and Peace and that devotion, steadfastness of commitment, and Peace is so much of the “signature” of this lineage.

I want us to get inspired again by the powerful examples of Ramana and Papaji and by our own unique journey to Awakening and Freedom.

It is a blessed lifetime when we find ourselves driven by the desire for Freedom and we find ourselves in the right circumstances and have the opportunity to follow that desire.

We tend to view everything through the perspective of this lifetime and yet we need to remember that this lifetime is not a beginning and not the end and that everything that we are doing now is for sure  — whenever that is — going to result in Awakening and Freedom.

As we are approaching the end of this year I am also very curious to hear about your realizations on this path and with this teaching and about your challenges and successes in your practice. 

This is a unique and powerful time — even though challenging at times — with a very strong invitation to Freedom and I am very much looking forward to our time together.

With Love,



  • Who we Really Are — Presence, Okayness, Inquiry and Freedom
  • Awakening and the journey to Awakening — Ramana, Papaji, Neelam and You ?
  • Going beyond the mind — direct Experience of Presence 
  • Everything arises in Presence and everything is a projection of the mind
  • Is anybody doing it?  And the Who am I ? Inquiry 
  • How your practice and life right now reflects your knowing
  • The challenges and successes of your practice 
  • Sharing of what you have been learning and realizing through this  teaching


Please describe briefly the challenges and success of your practice and what you have been learning and realizing through this teaching.

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