December 2022 Two-Week Program

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Beyond the Mind ?♥️ 

Finding Permanence in Emptiness and Love

Open to Everyone

Week 1: Sunday, December 4

(10 AM – 1 PM Mountain Time)

Week 2: Sunday, December 11

(10 AM – 2 PM Mountain Time)

Areas of Interest:*

  • Emptiness and Love
  • Waking State, Dream State, Deep Sleep
  • Turiya, the Fourth State – beyond the mind
  • Removing obstacles to Awakening
  • The Impermanence of our moment-by-moment experience
  • The transient nature of the I – is anybody doing this?
  • Inquiry into the nature of Dreams, Visions and the role of the Teacher in Awakening
  • Living in the World, but not being of the World
  • Don’t build in the transit lounge...
  • Devotion to Truth and Presence
  • Presence, Nervous System & Brain and Awakening

*Topics that Neelam may address in this program. Topics are dependent on the flow of the program and interest from the students.


Moment by moment, as we experience the mind’s projection of what we call our life ?♥️, we grow more familiar with it and so, more attached to it as well.

The familiarity, and the mind’s perception of it, makes it appear so very solid and so very real. 

And yet there is the underlying solidity of Presence that invites us to keep shifting our attention to a very different Reality…Reality that takes us into the inevitable and so powerful Impermanence of all experience — and to know and rest in the two powerful aspects of our True Nature – Emptiness and Love.

In our upcoming 2-week intensive, I want to bring full circle our several weeks-long exploration of Doership and Karma/ Destiny and come back to the simplicity of resting and finding ground and solace in Impermanence of all experience, and to the very powerful and experiential description of the Awakened State. ” When I know that I am Nothing — that is Emptiness. When I know that I am Everything — that is Love. And between those two my attention moves.”

We will be speaking about other things as well; please see our areas of interest.  I am very much looking forward to our time together.

With Love,


Please answer these questions before the program starts (1 page maximum) and send confidentially to 

  1. What do you think/ know is the meaning of Being in the World but not Being of the World?
  2. What does Impermanence mean to you?

If you have never attended one of Neelam’s Satsang Programs,
we would love to have you join us as a New Student at a Special Rate.


We have a variety of Price Points based on a Sliding Scale. Please contact the office if you have any financial considerations. We would love to have you join the program and are open to many financial arrangements.

Two-Week Program: $225-$105

Special New Student Rate: $85

Benefits of Programs:

  • Developing a stronger reliance on Presence
  • Breaking the illusion of Separation 
  • Ability to recognize the difference between past and Present 
  • Learning practical information about the nervous system and brain and how to grow the Capacity of the Nervous System to Be Here
  • Understanding what Embodiment is and learning how to embody challenging and expanded states like fear anger and love
  • Learning practical information about being in the world and being relational

 Students sitting with Neelam often experience:

  • A greater capacity in the nervous system to be here and experience the arising past (less fight-or-flight, or overwhelm-collapse)
  • Improved ability to notice tendencies shaped by past experiences and break free from habitual, self-defeating patterns
  • Awakening (i.e. permanent shift to knowing oneself as Presence)
  • Increased ability to navigate life’s ups and downs, feel more at peace and enjoy life more

Students receive support through:

  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Detailed notes of all sessions
  • Reminder emails
  • Contact for questions and support via email, with replies directly from Neelam

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