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December 2021 3-Week Program

Tenderness in Today’s World. How to Apply Tenderness to Your Daily Life and in Your Spiritual Practice

Week 2: Sunday, December 12 | 10 am to 1 pm

Week 3: Sunday, December 19 | 10 am to 2 pm

All Calls are Mountain Standard Time

Areas of Interest:

  • True meaning of Tenderness
  • “With Tenderness to the very end”
  • Discrimination, Tenderness and Inquiry
  • The difference between Tenderness and Conditioning and by Conditioning I mean patterns of the Past
  • What does it actually mean to Be Tender when Past is Present including practical pointers for our practice
  • The importance of Being Here and of Tenderness for Awakening
  • Why DO we need to address patterns of the past for Awakening
  • How the current events: Covid, climate change, inflation etc. affect our Nervous System and bring up patterns of the Past
  • How to make a deeper commitment to Freedom now and how to approach challenging situations and divisive beliefs in the world
  • Practice of Inquiry
  • Bringing Tenderness to your daily life and practice 

Tenderness is the key to Awakening ? and to our ability to Be Here ♥️ moment-by-moment.

It is the very essence of our capacity to truly address the arising Past.

Our daily practice while living in today’s world, a world that is experiencing very real challenges of Covid, climate change, overpopulation, divisive beliefs and politics, is even more now than ever in need of Kindness, Tenderness and Compassion.

And so is our action, our vision of and our interaction in the world. 

In this upcoming 3-week intensive that falls between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays (which for many of us brings an additional time of challenge) is devoted to exploring the very practical ways of truly awakening and diving into the Heart of Kindness and Compassion. And this combined with Discrimination, to strengthen our ability to Trust  Tenderness and to rely on that.

As always I am very much looking forward to our time together; and sharing; and to a deeper understanding of how to really be present with kindness to what arises within and to the current challenges we are collectively experiencing in the world.

With Love,


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