Is Awakening For You? ???? – How to Follow Our Deepest Truest Desire for Freedom

Three Week Worldwide Intensive with Neelam
December 1st, 8th & 15th

3 Registration Options – 1, 2 or 3 Weeks – See choices below

Freedom is our truest and deepest desire.  

It does not always show up like that in your body mind however ???? and yet if you examine the core of each movement, each desire, each experience – Peace and Freedom is ultimately what we want.

We don’t always recognize our desire for Awakening and Truth for what it really is, and so we don’t necessarily realize its significance and how to strengthen and follow it.

Following our desire for Truth is what brings us into Awakening and Freedom as it invites us away from the mind and into a deeper Surrender. We also need the right understanding and the practical tools on how to move beyond our reliance and dependence on the Past.

In this upcoming 3-week intensive we will look very directly and experientially at – is Awakening for you? ????, how to break the Illusion of Separation, and how to recognize and follow your desire for Truth into a deeper Surrender.

I will also be speaking about and addressing experientially, how Trauma affects our nervous system and our ability to Be Here, how to overcome obstacles to practice and how to Break our “addiction” to the Past. 

Finally we will explore addiction in general, speak about what is Love – spiritually and relationally – and about the role of Devotion in Surrender.

Sitting together inevitably ???? strengthens our desire for Truth, and our Trust in Presence grows our capacity to Be Here and sharpens our Discrimination and I invite you all to join me.

Areas of Focus by Week:


  • Is Awakening For You? ????
  • Breaking The Illusion Of Separation 
  • True Surrender, Who Am I? And How To Strengthen Your Desire For Truth And Freedom


  • The Role Of Trauma In Awakening And Freedom
  • How To Work With a Trauma Charge and a Sensitive Nervous System in Inquiry
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Practice


  • Freedom is Your Birthright – How to Rely On and Know This in Your Moment By Moment Experience – Overcoming Unworthiness and Doubt
  • Breaking Your Attachment to the Past
  • What is Addiction and How to Identify and Break Our “Addiction” to the Mental Emotional and Physical States
  • True Love – Spiritually and Relationally; What Is Ego and The Role of Devotion in Surrender

Dates & Times:

December 1st, 10 am – 1 pm Mountain Time | 3-Hour Worldwide TeleSatsang
December 8th, 10 am – 1 pm Mountain Time | 3-Hour Worldwide TeleSatsang
December 15th, 10 am – 2pm Mountain Time |  4-Hour Worldwide Half-Day TeleSatsang Intensive

Sliding Scale
All are Welcome to Join
Receive the most benefit by attending all three weeks.

Benefits of this program:

  • Developing a stronger reliance on Presence
  • Breaking the illusion of Separation 
  • Ability to recognize the difference between past and Present 
  • Learning practical information about the nervous system and brain and how to grow the Capacity of the Nervous System to Be Here
  • Understanding what Embodiment is and learning how to embody challenging and expanded states like fear anger and love
  • Learning practical information about being in the world and being relational

 Students sitting with Neelam often experience:

  • A greater capacity in the nervous system to be here and experience the arising past (less fight-or-flight, or overwhelm-collapse)
  • Improved ability to notice tendencies shaped by past experiences and break free from habitual, self-defeating patterns
  • Awakening (i.e.permanent shift to knowing oneself as Presence)
  • Increased ability to navigate life’s ups and downs, feel more at peace and enjoy life more

Students receive support through:

  • Recordings of all sessions
  • Detailed notes of all sessions
  • Reminder emails
  • Contact for questions and support via email, with replies directly from Neelam

Three Registration Choices:

1)  Full 3 Week Program | Dec 1st, Dec 8th & Dec 15th | Two 3 hour calls and one 4 hour TeleSatsang intensive calls | $ 95 -$255 

2) Second 2 weeks Only | Dec 8th & Dec 15th | 3 hour and 4 hour half-day intensive TeleSatsang calls | $75 -195

3) First Week Only | Dec 1st – 10am – 1pm MT | 3-hour TeleSatsang call | $25-65 

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