May 5 th | 10 AM-1-PM

3 hour Worldwide Experiential TeleSatsang
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Freedom in Every Moment
How to break the Illusion of Separation

The sense of I arises in Presence and that itself is not a problem at all. ???? However, the moment we believe it and identify ourselves as “it”, as the sense of I, we experience Suffering.

We are habitually used to going by the sense of separateness that arises with that identification.
We are also used to relying on the mind, in its limited way, to describe Reality for us and tell us how we are to believe things really are.

By understanding what illusion of Separation is and by addressing and Inquiring into the sense of I we can break the habit of separation.
By learning to recognize strategies that are a substitute for Being Here we strengthen the invitation to Awakening and to Embodied living.

Areas of Focus:

  • Recognizing the illusion of Separation and the Impermanence of all experience – finding comfort in the Unknown.
  • Inquiring into the sense of I and learning to recognize strategies that stop us from Being Here

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