5 Week Intensive with Neelam


Jan. 13th, 2019  | to | Feb. 10th, 2019

“Freedom in Every Moment – The True Meaning of Surrender and the Role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom”


In Surrendering into the Stillness of Presence and into the movement guided by our Desire for Truth we learn a new level of Discrimination and move more fully into following the momentum  of Presence into Awakening and Freedom.


Inquiry, supported by the understanding of the Nervous System and brain is a powerful way to come to rest Here.


When unmet, inexperienced tendencies of the Past that take our attention from Presence get  coupled with the Survival Instinct that creates a Survival Strategy that becomes a very strong way in which we function, relate, and move away from Presence.


To fully break the illusion of separation we need to uncouple and address the Survival Strategies experientially – through Inquiry and on the level of the nervous system and brain.


Areas of focus:

-The true meaning of Surrender

-Desire for Truth, Discrimination and Trust  

-Experiential understanding of a movement/action based on the past versus movement/action from the Present

-The Role of the Nervous System in Inquiry

-How to identify, and use the knowledge of survival strategies to break the illusion of Separation


Before this program starts students will receive a pre-recorded half hour video with Neelam speaking about the Core Principles of the teaching


Important Dates:


Jan. 13th – 3 hour TeleSatsang with Neelam

Jan. 20th – 3 hour TeleSatsang with Neelam

Jan. 27th – 2 hour Senior Student Facilitated call

Feb. 3rd – 4 hour intensive TeleSatsang with Neelam

Feb. 10th – 3 hour TeleSatsang with Neelam


Students receive support through:


TeleConference calls:  3-hrs Satsang, plus one Intensive (4 hrs) and inquiry with Neelam

Pre-recorded video

Group support – a senior students facilitated call to deepen our understanding of the teaching

Partner Inquiry – weekly Inquiry practice sessions with another student

Written assignments

Recordings of all the sessions


Neelam will offer a limited number of private phone sessions to students in this program for an additional fee

Open to all Students

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