Freedom in Every Moment: Inquiry, Presence, Nervous System and Awakening
5 Week Inquiry Program for New Students

Program Includes:

2 In-person TeleSatsansg
1 At-Home daylong TeleSatsang Intensive
2 pre-recorded Videos
plus a bonus Video for week 6!

Sunday’s, June 24th – July 22nd – All calls in person begin at 10am Mountain, see call details below.
(To receive the full benefit of this program, it is important that you can commit to being on all of the calls with Neelam)


Neelam’s Summer Program is a profoundly intimate and direct invitation to Presence, Inquiry, Awakening and Freedom

Through the introduction of the Direct Experience of Presence and the Inquiry Process, Neelam will guide us through the understanding and experience of Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.

Neelam will teach us the skills of Inquiry in her unique sensation based way that includes both recognizing Presence as our true nature and fully meeting our conditioning.

In this process, we will learn experientially how to use the understanding of the nervous system to grow our capacity to Be Here. Being Here is so essential to our ability to be Present and meet everything that is arising.

Sitting with Neelam:

Neelam, who awakened with her teacher Papaji in India, transmits Presence and provides us with the experience and a deeper understanding of the process that leads through Awakening and Embodiment into Freedom.  She skillfully shows students how to use Inquiry to investigate the nature of suffering.  Under her tender guidance, we align ourselves with Presence that is always available, but often hidden by the mind’s stories of how life should be.  The format Neelam offers includes TeleSatsang (talks based on the Truth of Being) pre-recorded video and dyad work with partners.


  • Awakening – what it is and what leads us to Freedom
  • Knowing Presence through the Direct Experience
  • Human body, nervous system and brain and how to grow the capacity of the nervous system to Be Here
  • Inquiry skills and understanding the cause of suffering


  • To recognize Presence as our True Nature
  • To become aware of patterns of the past that stop us from knowing our True Nature at all times
  • To learn and strengthen our Inquiry skills
  • To recognize the importance of and grow the capacity of our nervous system to Be Here
  • To develop a stronger reliance on Presence


  • Satsang and Inquiry with Neelam
  • Pre-recorded video
  • Partner Inquiry:
  • Weekly meetings with a partner to practice inquiry and deepen our understanding of the teaching
  • Weekly emails
  • Reminder of upcoming weekly events
  • Brief summary regarding the preceding call
  • Any “homework” that Neelam may suggest
  • An audio download of the previous session


Teleconference calls Sundays, July 24th – July 22nd

All calls with Neelam begin at 10am MT US

June 24th – 3-Hr Teleconference Call with Neelam | 10am-1pm Mountain
July 1st – Pre-Recorded Video
July 8th – Daylong Teleconference at-Home Intensive with Neelam | 10am-4pm Mountain
July 15th – Pre-Recorded Video
July 22nd – 3 Hr Teleconference Call with Neelam | 10am-1pm Mountain
(Please note: Because this program is so concentrated it is important to commit to and be present for all in-person calls.)

Suggested Donation:  $225-285
Scholarships Available – Nobody turned away due to lack of funds.

Recommended for students who wish to attend the longer winter program.

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