5 Week Inquiry Program for Returning* Students – Freedom in Every Moment –Uncovering True Resilience: Nervous Systems role in Awakening, living in the world and in Freedom

*Students who have completed a six month program or a summer inquiry program before.

Sunday’s, July 1st – July 29th – In Person Programs start at 10am Mountain Time

Program Includes:

2 In-person TeleSatsansg
1 In-person TeleSatsang – Daylong Intensive
2 pre-recorded Videos
plus a bonus Video for week 6!


A 5 week program for *returning students

In this summer program for returning students the invitation is to experientially realize the  role of the nervous system in Awakening and Freedom, to uncover our natural Resilience as we Embody Awakening and  Presence in life and to grow and strengthen all elements necessary for Awakening and Freedom including our skills of Inquiry.

This program besides the sharing of information is experiential in its nature and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and practice with me the skillful means of Inquiry and learn how to build the capacity of the nervous system to Be Here.

A powerful strengthening and deepening of our resilience and capacity to Be Here comes following of our desire of Truth and Freedom. Learning how to resolve and  fully meet the sensations of the arising Past just the way they are in the present, improves this resilience. This process is about recognizing and addressing Trauma and other past tendencies -the unseen and unmet imprints based on our experiences in the past, where we have believed individually and collectively that Truth Presence and Love are not already Here.

I want to invite you all to join me in this program as Freedom is the true purpose of this life and we have an amazing opportunity in this lifetime to share our time on this journey as we respond to this ever present invitation.

Week 1: Desire for Truth, what is Karma and how unresolved past affects our ability to Be Here.

Week 2: What is Trauma -its role on the spiritual path, how it impairs the nervous system and its power for transformation,

Week 3: Relationships and the Nervous System – How relating is a reflection of our past and our capacity to Be Here

Week 4: The role of the nervous system in Inquiry and how to grow and deepen our skills.

Week 5: Elements necessary for Awakening and Freedom, and how to grow Trust, Discrimination and our capacity to Be Here

Students receive support through:

  • Satsang and Inquiry with Neelam
  • Pre-recorded video
  • Partner Inquiry – weekly meetings with a partner to practice inquiry and deepen our understanding of the teaching
  • Weekly emails -reminder of upcoming weekly events
  • Any “homework” that Neelam may suggest
  • An audio download of the previous session

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